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Clarifying the Message with Data Visualization at Digital Signage Expo

It’s been nearly two weeks since the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) conference and tradeshow and I’m still recovering, along with the nearly 4,100 attendees and over 200 exhibitors that attended the three day event in Las Vegas. This was not my first time to DSE, but I always find it interesting to listen in to the wide range of conversations you can overhear -- from “what do you do?” to “I’m not happy with my current vendor -- tell me what you can do to solve my business problem.” I also like to watch the numerous photoshoots (with and without permission) that take place, and suss out the latest trends and innovation among the many exhibitor showcases.

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Office Hoteling Implementation Best Practices

In an age of telecommuting and managing remote/out-of-town employees, many companies are considering office hoteling as a way to reduce workspace overhead expenses while optimizing the employee’s productivity and relieving stress during the journey.  It's imperative that the solution be properly integrated awhile remaining flexible to current and future needs. A poorly run system will frustrate employees and create confusion. If your business is thinking about transitioning to office hoteling for traveling employees, here are some best practices to help you with implementation. These steps will ensure that your company’s hoteling solution meets both your employees’ and the company’s expectations.

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Enhancing Agent Performance with a Call Center Dashboard

Agent performance is of the utmost importance when your focus is on catering to the needs of your customers. Call center performance can be difficult to assess, and ensuring that your customers are getting the service that they both need and deserve can impact customer retention and revenue figures. Utilizing a call center dashboard helps your agents deliver the service that you and your customers expect.

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How Digital Signage Software Improves Call Center Productivity

Improving call center productivity is a matter of getting the best information to your agents so that they can adjust their activities to enhance performance. If a call center agent knows that the wait time is high, he or she can try to move his calls along more quickly to reduce the wait time. If agents know that sales are down, they can push harder to close to increase sales. Armed with real-time information, your agents and managers can work together to meet performance goals each day.

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Call Center Communication, Dialogue and Trends @ CCW 2015

Last month, RMG Networks exhibited the latest in intelligent contact center visual solutions at Call Center World (CCW)  in Berlin, aligning agent behaviour with the ever-changing business goals in real time for contact centers.

Over 7,600 visitors gathered at the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin on the on the 23rd-25th of February to experience CCW 2015, the largest international congress and fair for call center management in all of Europe. Business leaders and decision makers from in-house call centers, service providers, and subcontractors had an opportunity to network and learn about the latest call center trends and cutting-edge technologies.

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A Call Center Dashboard Takes Your Agents to the Next Level [VIDEO]

Managing a contact center is a difficult task. You have to manage agent performance, keep productivity high and maintain customer satisfaction. The key to doing this is clear communication. Agents need information about important key performance indicators to work efficiently.

Typically, contact centers have large digital scoreboards in highly visible locations so that agents have the knowledge they need to effectively handle calls and keep productivity high. But what about the agent whose workstation is distant from these displays? Could all your agents have easier access to this critical information?

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How to Choose the Right Digital Signage Size? Content vs. Screen

Have you ever walked into a corporate lobby, retail store, hotel or any venue and thought, “Wow, that digital signage display is too large!”

Humorous, but of course not.

Most of the time, if anything, displays are commonly undersized. Why? Well, while 55” seems large in the intimate setting of your living room watching the latest best-selling blu-ray, the affect may be lost in a different environment with a different purpose.

What do you need to keep in mind when selecting screen size for your business?

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Getting Ready for What's Next in Supply Chain with Manhattan Associates

I was fortunate to attend Manhattan Associates “Get Ready for What’s Next” Partner Day 2015 on January 21, on behalf of RMG Networks, a Manhattan Associates Value Partner. The event was held at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center and was a day filled with enlightening thought leadership on all things supply chain and omnichannel.


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The Real-time Characteristics of the Next Gen Supply Chain

In a recent article by Daniel Miller, Divisional Head, Finance, at Innovation Enterprise, he shared “The 7 Characteristics of the Next Generation Supply Chain.

He addresses the main aspects that a supply chain must try to execute on as they attempt to change and evolve into the supply chain required by today’s consumer society. Those seven characteristics briefly are that today’s supply chain must be data driven, green, fast, flexible, global, proactive, and must have optimized inventory. 

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What's Holding Your Digital Signage Back? Expectation or Budget?

Digital screens are springing up everywhere these days and it never ceases to amaze me how powerful images and clever advertising campaigns can be. 

On a recent trip out of a busy airport, one such advert triggered a long faded memory. In a funny way, it brought me full circle back to the technology that was displaying this image. I began thinking of all the challenges that had to be overcome to install the screen on that wall, challenges that the everyday casual observer is probably totally unaware of. The hours of consulting spent creating a vision, the tight deadlines for companies to complete responses to reams of questions, the hours of meetings, time spent creating demos, ping pong negotiations over ROI pricing, network architecture diagrams, approvals and certification, security compliance, and more.

From experience, I know all the work that happened behind the scenes before the sign was ever seen.

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