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Supply Chain Visibility Trends

I enjoy reading about all the trends in the supply chains of many of today’s global enterprises. Between December 2015 and January 2016, Gatepoint Research surveyed 101 executives on trends in supply chain visibility. The report, sponsored by e2open, provides detailed information on the current state of visibility in the supply chain across a variety of industries including visibility depth, how visibility information is used, timeliness of visibility, and much more.

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Why Bank Digital Signage is Worth the Investment

The first lesson in savings usually begins with a ceramic piggy bank and short lecture from your parents. If you’re disciplined and pennywise, those modest reserves can one day become a down payment on your first home. And, after years of mortgage payments and the appreciation of real estate in your market, that house can eventually be the cornerstone of your investment portfolio.

Financial institutions, on the other hand, don’t have to save for 20 years for a return on their investment. They can make swift prospective decisions with cash on hand and invest in something that will hopefully have a positive impact on their income statement.

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Hotel Digital Signage is a Trip

When was the last time you went on a trip?

Some of the best parts of traveling are experimenting the different foods, exploring the notable sights and experiencing the diverse cultures. However, navigating the foreign landscape, staying on schedule and averting risk come hand in hand.

If you’ve ever been on a trip that left you playing a game of charades or where you felt you were part of a scavenger hunt to figure out “where is the nearest pharmacy,” you know clarity and good customer service are vital for travelers. A hotel with good communication makes the difference in any language and location. And, it's true whether a hotel caters to business or leisure travelers.

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Very Cool School Signage

Back when you were learning your ABCs and 123s, how big was your elementary school? It might’ve seemed big, but odds are good it wasn’t really large enough for you to get lost. But schools have changed significantly in just a few years. A 2014 study showed both class size and grade sizes are growing fast.

It’s the same story in higher education. In fall 2013, undergrad enrollment increased 46%, by 5.5 million students, compared to 1990. As the population grows and more people seek educational opportunities, institutions are bound to get bigger and your challenge to communicate with them gets even greater. 

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Why It's Important to Choose Digital Signage Software That's Intelligent

Digital signs are everywhere from the expressway to the supermarket express lane. It's no wonder companies in all industries have adopted this medium of communication. Digital signage is vibrant, modern and has been proven to capture attention.

But today's businesses need more than just an eye-catching display. Many are now realizing the value beyond basic digital signage and are turning toward intelligent signage.

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Save Green by Going Green with Digital Signage Solutions

The adoption of any new technology or program for your business starts with one question: what is it going to cost? You have to consider not only the setup costs but the ongoing expenses as well. If the new initiative fails to bring benefits that outweigh those costs, your business is wasting money. 

Digital signage provides innovative communications solutions for your business that have concrete environmental savings and proven ROI. Now that makes it easy to be green!

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Why Supply Chain Visualization is a “Must-Have” for 2016

According to one supply chain expert at GT Nexus, an Infor Company, visibility is a must-have for today's supply chain operations.

In their recently authored white paper, “The Network Approach to Inventory Management,” published in the December 2015 Issue of Supply Chain Management Review, they refer to today’s supply chain visibility as “fragmented, disjointed and siloed.” They note the trend is shifting from planning to execution, and from lean supply chains to agile supply chains.

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