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Five Employee Engagement Ideas That Work at Work

Have you ever wondered what's being said when a top-tier basketball team goes in for a quick team huddle during a game? It’s probably safe to assume that the purpose of the huddle is to review strategy or to motivate team members. Coaches need to make sure all the players are on the same page and ready for the game.

As it happens, that's actually the underlying idea with employee engagement: You're shooting for a workplace environment that brings out all of the experience and talent of everyone on your team so that they follow the same organizational game plan.

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How to Boost Revenue with Digital Signage

As a digital signage company, we know how advanced digital technology has become. Interactive screens allow customers to communicate with a business with the flick of a finger; eye-popping, high-resolution images and graphics stop lobby visitors dead in their tracks; integrated, centrally controlled communication systems allow global companies to communicate with employees around the world at an instant.

But do these digital signage technologies pay off? Do they enhance ROI or just raise an organization’s “cool factor”?

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Going for Gold: Gamification in the Supply Chain

In a few weeks, the world will stop to watch the 2016 summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For most of August, competition among the world's finest athletes will be intense with more than 10,000 competitors from 206 nations, participating in 306 events in 28 sports categories. Watching the games is not only a lot of fun but a perfect opportunity to view a little competition on the sports field as encouragement for serious competition on the floor. The supply chain floor, that is.

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Contact Centre Solutions To Navigate Your Team Through Stormy Weather

Contact centre managers are always challenged to perform better. From improving customer satisfaction to engaging employees, agents and managers navigate through daily obstacles in order to drive more sales and engage customers with innovative contact centre solutions. Understanding the industry and learning from your peers are critical to your success, which is why a networking event is a productive and entertaining way to master new skills while meeting others in the same boat.

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Why Digital Signage Maintenance is a Must

There's no oil to change in a digital signage system like there is in a car, but the concept of digital signage maintenance is no less important. Without maintenance, the performance of digital signage will gradually degrade until the system becomes useless, uninformative, or even a burden because of how poorly it works. Keep your digital signage system in tip-top shape and it won't "leave you stranded" when it fails to work properly.

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How a Data Dashboard Can Improve Call Center Service

When someone says, “I remember when…,” you probably think they're about to tell a story about how everything was better in the past. Well, I’m not about to tell you that call centers were better years ago. In fact, I’m going to start this discussion about how a data dashboard can improve call center performance by sharing with you just how bad things were “back in the day."

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Tomorrow's Supply Chain: Are you ready?

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending The CILT (Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport) Summer Conference, held at Chesford Grange in the United Kingdom. It started with an engaging opening address by conference Chairman, Terry Murphy. As Director, National Distribution Centre Operations at John Lewis, Murphy's speech had the themes of supply chain flexibility and agility at its core, and these topics continued throughout the day both in the breakout sessions and general conversation.

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Why Dynamic Digital Content Improves Employee Engagement

Every day, business leaders are striving to cultivate favorable company conditions to improve employee engagement. A motivated and inspired workforce is a happy workforce and that ultimately impacts your company’s bottom line.

In recent years, several surveys have revealed that employees who are enthusiastic about their careers feel valued by and connected to their organization. Employees who are engaged are more committed and more dedicated to achieving overall company goals resulting in more innovation, more productivity and more revenue.

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Experts Share Digital Signage Solutions During CC Excellence Roadshow

Last week, RMG NetworksTM showcased its Intelligent Contact Centre solutions, featuring InViewTM dashboards, in Munich, Germany, as part of the last stop in the CC Excellence three-city roadshow. Berlin and Mülheim were the first two cities that hosted this event earlier in June. These shows were specifically designed for contact centre experts to discuss and share their experiences with peers in a relaxing atmosphere, which is exactly what happened.

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What is Resolution Messaging and How Can It Help Your Contact Center?

When I was in college, one of my Economics professors made us recite the definition of economics before we started every class. I'm sure he would be proud to know that I can still recite it verbatim to this day: Economics is the allocation of scarce resources among alternating and competing ends.

I think we can all relate to this definition of economics in our work life. There are many demands on our time that need attention, but only so many hours in the day to get things done. Your contact center staff depends on you for guidance, but you are often unavailable due to meetings or other projects. 

What if you had a way to guide your agents proactively so they knew what needed to be accomplished and the priority without having to come to you and ask? There is, and it's called Resolution Messaging. 

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