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Supply Chain Lessons Learned from “Deflategate” and the NFL

Today’s supply chains require constant attention and monitoring. The managers and executives responsible for your enterprise and global supply chain must be aware of what is happening right now and what is happening end-to-end. In other words, they need whole chain visibility. Any lack of information or data flow required to make a real-time decision can result in time wasted or money wasted or both.

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5 Ways Retailers Are Using Digital Signage to Engage Shoppers

Unless you stay in bed, unplug the television and don’t leave the house, it’s nearly impossible to escape some sort of advertisement during a typical day. However, consumers are becoming savvier and are always looking for innovative ways to avoid these ads. Techniques like fast-forwarding through commercials on their DVR, using ad blocker tools in their browsers, subscribing to the FTC's "Do Not Call" list and subscribing to online music providers to avoid radio ads are some of the most common.

Advertisers are desperate to find new ways to connect with buyers and influence their purchases. Nowhere is this more prominent than in retail. Most of today's retailers have turned toward digital signage technologies to reach these elusive consumers. Digital signage not only provides traditional advertising, but offers a host of benefits to the shopper and the retailer.

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Not Your Daddy’s (or Your Grand-Daddy’s) Lean Manufacturing

When and where did the concept of Lean manufacturing originate? Was it the early 1900s when Frank Gilbreth’s “time and motion” study reduced the required actions to lay a brick from 18 to 4.5? (By the way – how can I perform half-an-action anyway?) Or perhaps it was with Henry Ford, the father of the continuous motion assembly line? I’ll never forget early in my career working at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, and seeing the entire process – from steel-making to a finished automobile  all in one location.

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Fulfilling the Promise of Greater Supply Chain Productivity at Operations Summit 2015

RMG NetworksTM was privileged to participate in the recent 4th annual Operations Summit, produced by Multichannel Merchant, in Louisville, Kentucky, April 14-16. The Operations Summit conference is touted as the only conference specifically focused on the direct-to-customer (DTC) or fulfillment side of the distribution supply chain. It was definitely a conference for the “Who’s Who” of fulfillment, with huge names like headline sponsor UPS and over 50 additional well-known merchants including Costco, Cabela’s and Kohl’s as speakers.

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Cutting Through the Clutter with Visual Internal Communications [VIDEO]

“Ignorance abhors a vacuum.”

Borrowing from Aristotle, my first Battalion Commander began his address to a company of wide-eyed eager new officers on the importance of internal communication within our units. The point of his address was that if his leadership team did not proactively inform our workforce, then our workforce would eventually inform themselves. After twelve years and a career shift to the corporate sector, LTC Phelp’s words still ring true for me.

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Feeding the Hungry Supply Chain

In a recent article published on Forbes.com, contributor H.O. Maycotte writes and says, “The Big Data Supply Chain is Hungry, And You Need to Feed It”. As he rightly states, data is everywhere within today’s supply chains, but is of little to no value if not properly utilized.

As sources like blogs and social media continue to feed the appetite of the rising online population, automated algorithms are required to prepare and analyze the growing stacks of data.

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5 Ways a Call Center Dashboard Increases Agent Productivity

As the “go to” leader and proactive-thinking manager at a busy call center or contact center, your team of agents count on you to provide strategically-mapped directives, cutting-edge initiatives and viable solutions as challenges arise. Your ultimate goal is to train your staff to achieve their established quotas, while consistently demonstrating exceptional client service skills.

Managing a productive and efficient contact center, where employees feel engaged and relaxed, is a delicate balance. An innovative call center dashboard can help you achieve these goals.

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How Visual Internal Communications Brings Work Families Together

Flipping through the radio, I came across the 1979 song "We Are Family." In the song, Sister Sledge sings that she has "all my sisters with me." I couldn't get the song out of my head all day - ever have that happen to you? - and the more I started to hum, it made me think about the definition of family. Sure, we have those we are related to by blood and marriage. But if you think about who you spend time with, we also have a work family.  

In a Globeforce report on "The Effect of Work Relationships on Organizational Culture and Commitment," 78 percent of people who work 30 to 50 hours a week spend more time with coworkers than with their families. In that sense, coworkers become your work family. You share experiences together - good and bad. You struggle through deadlines, laugh at lunch and celebrate accomplishments. 

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