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5 Reasons Why Hospital Visitors are Thankful for Digital Signage

Like many Americans, this time of year makes me reflect on all the things I am thankful for in my life. At the top of my list is always good health. I have been fortunate to have not had an extended hospital stay. But, I have spent Thanksgiving Day in a hospital with a relative before, and I am awed by those that work in healthcare facilities.

Hospitals are mini-cities, hustling, bustling and dealing (literally) with life from birth to death. Unlike most visitors and patients, healthcare workers aren't intimated by large hospitals or confused where to go. I, however, pause every time I first walk into a hospital, looking around a bit flustered. Am I in the right area? Do I need to check in? How do I get to where I want to go?

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An Engineer's Perspective on Internal Communications at HR Southwest

From the outset, you've got to understand that I'm just a Sales Engineer: the variety of life that my title affords me is usually limited to the familiar bounds of my liquid crystal display and as far-reaching as the occasional WebEx presentation will allow. So to be transplanted from the sweet serenity of my natural cuboidal habitat, where the nerds freely roam grazing on bits of inconsequential tech information like a non-threatening pack of herbivores, out to "Where the West Begins," home of The HR Southwest Conference, was much like dropping a house cat in the middle of Pamplona's annual Running of the Bulls.

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How Digital Signage Addresses Short Attention Spans. Oh, look-Squirrel!

Have you ever forgotten where you put your car keys? Your phone? Or, maybe the date of a loved one's birthday? Then you are not alone. Some 39% of Americans forget one important detail or lose an everyday item every week. We have a lot on our minds and our attention spans are short. It's just hard to keep track of everything!

In this age of short sound bites and information overload, companies need a way to reach their employees and visitors with the important messages they want to share. This is where digital signage excels, in addressing this communication need.

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Showcasing Safety Solutions & Communication at EHS Today’s Safety Leadership Conference

RMG NetworksTM showcased its safety solutions through visual communications at the recent EHS Today's Safety Leadership Conference in Greenville, South Carolina. EHS Today has a mission to help companies “Create a World-Class Safety Excellence Culture.” The theme for this year’s conference was “ROS – The Return on Safety.” Various tracks provided attendees with workshops and seminars on topics ranging from safety and risk management, to compliance, safety technology and even construction.

RMG Networks was a sponsor at this year’s event, and I was fortunate to attend and have the opportunity to spend time sharing our point of view on the ROS – Return on Safety. It is well documented that every dollar spent on safety communication can result in up to three dollars or more saved for companies.

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Creating a Daily Culture of Safety First with Digital Signage [VIDEO]

I know the drill all too well – the tedium of filling out risk assessment forms and the monotonous daily safety brief to your teams before the day‘s work can begin; the exhausting task of internalizing the value of safety standards within your subordinate leaders (and indeed within yourself) and the devastating consequences when you fail to do so. As a wartime logistician and Army officer, for me the only mission more critical than supporting the fight was to do so safely.

Any leader worth his or her salt, from the ranks of field manager to the executive suite, will make instilling within the ranks a culture of safety a daily priority.

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Supply Chain Solutions at WERC: Real-time Data Visualization

RMG NetworksTM was pleased to participate in the North Texas WERCouncil (Warehousing, Education and Research Council) 14th Annual Warehousing Resource Convention held at the Grapevine Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas. It was a great event full of educational presentations, product demonstrations and an exhibit hall full of new technology solutions for supply chain and logistics operations. It is easy to see why the North Texas WERCouncil has won the Circle of Acclaim Award for the fouth year in a row.

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