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Gamification or How Does a Paper Mache Mountain Increase Performance?

Many years ago, I visited a contact centre within the aviation industry and was intrigued to see the time and effort that went into the creation of a mountain, handcrafted from paper mache and placed carefully in the centre of a large multi-national customer care organisation. After looking closer at this centrepiece, I realised a number of different coloured teams of play mobile mountaineers, representing various nationalities with associated amusing national attributes, trying to reach the summit.

At the time, it seemed an unusual way of creating friendly competition. Today we call it gamification, and it's a popular way to motivate staff and maximise performance.

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The "Three C's" of Supply Chain

During the recent Supply Chain Forum at Whittlebury Hall, well organised by the team at Richmond Events, the engaging opening keynote speech was given by John Amaechi. At its core, Amaechi's theme included emotional connection and specific, timely communication. Following the meetings held throughout the Supply Chain Forum, key topics became evident around this core, best summarised as:

The Three C’s of Supply Chain: Customer Service, Communication and Conversation

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Talking Visual Supply Chain Solutions at Operations Summit 2016

Operations Summit is promoted as the only conference exclusively focused on direct-to-customer (DTC) and omnichannel operations and fulfillment. The Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati provided a great environment for the 2.5-day conference that was filled with opportunities for learning, observing, networking and more. RMG NetworksTM was pleased to participate as an exhibitor for the second year, educating attendees on the benefits of Visual Supply Chain solutions.

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8 Ways Digital Signage Solutions Have Improved Our Lives

American Sign Language was invented in 1817. In 1897, the recipe for aspirin was concocted. Then there was the blood bank in the late 1930s, the electronic calculator in the 1960s and more recently, the Internet.

What do these inventions have in common? They all enhanced people's lives. Modern technology is continuously evolving with new solutions that make our lives easier and impact us daily. An example of this is the growing presence of digital signage.

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Keeping an Eye on Contact Center Key Performance Indicators

You might know the story about the man looking for his keys under a streetlight one night. Another man came by and asked what he was doing: "Looking for my keys," the first man said. "Well, where did you lose them?" the pedestrian asked. The first man replied, "Oh, over by those bushes somewhere." The pedestrian asked him why he was bothering to look under the streetlight, then, and the man just said, apparently very reasonably, "The light is better over here!"

Your key performance indicators (KPIs) are a bit like that light. If you don't have them, it's hard to look at what you need to do to improve. And if they're not in the right place and accessible to the right people, it's not much better than not having them at all.

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How 5 Industries are Using Interactive Displays

In years past, tennis was a country club sport played with quaint wooden rackets on grass and clay courts – very old fashioned. We've come a long way from the players who were dressed to the nines in long white pants or ankle length dresses. Though the basic rules remain the same, modern times have brought technological innovation to this once-genteel sport. Graphite rackets with computer technology now help develop today's players by providing real-time information to improve their power and accuracy. 

Much like tennis, interactive displays are changing the way we do business, providing valuable information, promoting products and services, and improving customer service in a wide variety of organizations. In fact, one study revealed over 66% of respondents said they would like to see more interactive digital displays when shopping for electronics to learn more about the brands and products. 

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The Benefits of Using Digital Signage for Contact Centers [INFOGRAPHIC]

We've long heard the adage: “the customer is always right." This popular slogan was coined in 1909 by the founder of a department store in London to emphasize the high priority that should be placed on customer satisfaction. In truth, we know that the customer is not always right. But, it is true that quality customer service experiences matter. And, they matter greatly.

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The Hawthorne Effect and the Modern Supply Chain

What does a social experiment at a manufacturing plant in the 1930s have to do with increasing employee productivity in the fast moving, technology-driven world we live in today?

From your own personal perspective does your behaviour change when you think other people are watching?

Imagine achieving wonderful results….only to get no reward or recognition?

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The Importance Of Digital Signage At Airports

Large LCD/LED displays, smart screens, information kiosks, video walls and door displays make a powerful addition to airport spaces — for property owners, advertisers, property managers, airlines, associated businesses and facility operations crews. Let’s take a look at how airport digital signage can make a big difference in airport settings.  

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The Connection Between Social Media and Intelligent Digital Signage

Improve Branding and Employee Engagement with Social Media Digital Signage

Weaving corporate social media content into a digital messaging strategy can do wonders to enhance branding and employee engagement. Large LCD/LED displays, Smart Screens, interactive kiosks, video walls and door displays make terrific platforms from which to share company- and user-generated social media content with guests and employees. It helps to capture their attention, gets them involved, and adds a crucial personal flavor to what can otherwise be somewhat sterile business content. 

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