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Key Advances in Contact Centre Visual Communications [VIDEO]

Somewhere over 15 years ago, I was working for one of the UK's largest office supplies companies as an outbound agent in their contact centre. Relatively new to the contact centre environment, I underwent my initial training and was then set free on the phones. As a new starter, I had several tools to do my job: my desktop PC, my phone, my headset and a cluster of red LEDs stuck on the wall. These red LEDs were of course a wallboard, displaying inbound and outbound traffic across the phone system as well as other key data. 

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Combining Customer Feedback & Innovation: RMG's 2015 Software Release [VIDEO]

There’s no question that the digital signage industry is brimming with smart and talented people who masterfully merge technology with design in order to produce attractive and stimulating visuals. The evidence is all around us in our retail facilities, our contact centers and in our offices.

RMG NetworksTM has an awesome team of engineers and designers who’ve helped make us a leader in the digital signage industry for over 30 years. What makes our development team stand head-and-shoulders above the rest is not only their ability to design award-winning digital signage software but their ability to do so on the solid foundation of customer feedback. And, with our 2015 software release, our team has done exactly that   in a really big way. Our latest release contains over 100 new features and improvements that combine customer feedback with industry innovation.

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Manufacturing Productivity is Down, But You Have the Power to Change it

In a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics Report on U.S. Manufacturing Productivity and Cost, it was reported that labor productivity fell 3.1% during early 2015. Further, it was reported that output fell 1.6% and hours worked increased 1.6%. Unit labor costs increased 6.7% due to a 3.3% increase in hourly compensation and the above mentioned 3.1% decline in productivity. (These numbers were reported based on first quarter results and adjusted seasonally for annual rates.) 

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Contact Center Solutions: Optimizing Efficiency with Real-Time Data

The value of any contact center comes down to two factors: Efficiency and Efficacy. Your ability to improve the former without unduly impacting the latter ultimately determines the profitability of the entire venture. Unfortunately, efficient and effective often clash. Ideal contact center solutions are those that help your operators walk the line, by defining that line and informing them of where they exist in relation to it.

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Impacting Contact Center Performance at Call Center Week 2015

I was fortunate to represent RMG Networks at the recent 2015 Call Center Week Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, June 17-18. It was enjoyable meeting so many contact center professionals – both current customers who told us how RMG had helped their businesses, and other attendees interested in learning more about how RMG could increase their agent productivity.

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5 Employee Engagement Ideas You Should Consider

Over the last five years, employee engagement has been a hot button topic for HR managers. Gallup demonstrated that companies with high engagement outperform competitors by over 20 percent in productivity and profitability, while maintaining lower levels of absenteeism, turnover and other negative metrics. Despite these statistics and millions of dollars in investment, American employees reported only 13 percent engagement in 2015.

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Three Challenges Impacting Automotive Supply Chains [VIDEO]

While attending the recent Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) 2015 Conference in Orlando, Florida, I was able to carve out some time for a couple of different discussions and interviews with Supply Chain Brain. They are, in their own words, the “most comprehensive supply chain management information resource… providing complete coverage of all fundamental supply chain principles, emerging trends, strategies and best practices, forward-thinking ideas, cutting-edge solutions and the latest innovations.”

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