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Over the last five years, employee engagement has been a hot button topic for HR managers. Gallup demonstrated that companies with high engagement outperform competitors by over 20 percent in productivity and profitability, while maintaining lower levels of absenteeism, turnover and other negative metrics. Despite these statistics and millions of dollars in investment, American employees reported only 13 percent engagement in 2015.

The failure of most employee engagement ideas is that they focus on the corporate environment and don’t address the human element. The best employee engagement ideas treat employees as human beings, not just commodities. In implementing your own employee engagement ideas, try these personal approaches and see not only engagement improve but also your bottom line.

Employee Engagement Ideas

#1: Volunteer Together
Employees, especially Millennials, view corporate social responsibility as an important factor in job satisfaction, which is why companies like Home Depot instituted company wide volunteer programs. The programs were a hit with employees and increased engagement for two reasons. First, employees felt their companies cared about something other than profits. Second, the volunteer opportunities gave employees a chance to socialize in a relaxed setting. In the end, companies received positive recognition for their efforts, and their teams walked away with stronger interpersonal connections.

#2: Start A Mentorship Program
It’s easy for employees to feel faceless and think that their contributions are undervalued. Feedback comes rarely, usually due to under performance or during an annual review. The lack of feedback creates disinterest, and employees gradually become less engaged. A mentorship program partners experienced employees with newer ones, and are successful because they encourage engagement in both parties. Mentors see themselves as valued for their advice, while mentees receive the feedback that they crave.

#3: Diversify Rewards
For years, employers believed the only reward their employees wanted was money. Modern employees are less motivated by money, so a new reward paradigm is necessary. There are a couple of ways to go with reward diversification. You can start with public recognition for good work in employee meetings or on digital signage placed strategically around the office. If an employee performs well above expectations, give them a personalized reward like tickets to see their favorite band, a one-on-one dinner or additional time off.

#4: Opt For Flexible Scheduling
The 9-5 model is a dinosaur that has little relevance in today’s workplace. New technologies make it possible for workers to be productive remotely, and these advancements come at a time when there are greater demands than ever on employees’ personal lives, like commitments at a child’s school. A flexible schedule might include working from home one day a week, occasionally coming in an hour late or a longer lunch break. By creating a flexible work schedule, you allow your employees to fit their work around their lives, instead of the other way around. Employees in this situation become engaged because they don’t see their employer as an adversary who’s constantly hampering their personal life.

#5: Increase Communication With Digital Signs
A common theme for companies with high levels of engagement is communications, whether that be sales data, performance statistics or just company news. Digital signs are a cost effective platform for employee communication throughout a single location or across a global network. Digital signage increases engagement by allowing employees to feel like they’re “in the know” and up to date with what’s happening in the business. In addition, digital signs are a great platform to train employees and make them feel as through they are progressing in their jobs, as well as recognizing personal achievements.

Employee engagement is an issue that must be addressed in today’s workplace if you want a happy, stable and productive workforce. Through the implementation of these employee engagement ideas, you’ll take the first steps towards a healthy company environment.  

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