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Unless you stay in bed, unplug the television and don’t leave the house, it’s nearly impossible to escape some sort of advertisement during a typical day. However, consumers are becoming savvier and are always looking for innovative ways to avoid these ads. Techniques like fast-forwarding through commercials on their DVR, using ad blocker tools in their browsers, subscribing to the FTC’s “Do Not Call” list and subscribing to online music providers to avoid radio ads are some of the most common.


Advertisers are desperate to find new ways to connect with buyers and influence their purchases. Nowhere is this more prominent than in retail. Most of today’s retailers have turned toward digital signage technologies to reach these elusive consumers. Digital signage not only provides traditional advertising, but offers a host of benefits to the shopper and the retailer.

Here is a look at five ways retailers are using digital signage to engage with their shoppers, leverage their technology investment and extend their brand.

  1. Promoting Brand Awareness
    Screens placed in strategic locations throughout the store can introduce new products, announce current discounts and offer loyalty program incentives. Studies have shown that providing helpful relevant information and stimulating visuals near the point of purchase increases the likelihood of buying.
  2. Interactive Advertisements
    Interactive screens allow shoppers to customize a product and some screens even emit scents to assist customers shopping for perfumes or colognes. Newer technologies like gender recognition trigger content according to the shopper’s sex. QR codes (quick response codes) can be displayed and easily changed depending on the stores’ sales or specials, inviting customers to pursue more information on their mobile devices. Once the customer opts-in to the mobile site, their profile information can be accessed to generate a targeted offer. Omnichannel retailing techniques like these provide access to a vast online library of information that enhance the in-store experience.
  3. Scheduled Content
    The ability to control and modify a store’s promotions throughout the day can be a powerful tool. The demographic of individuals shopping in the morning isn’t necessarily the same in the evening. Promotions can change based on inventory or weather. Plus, stores can study their shoppers and refine their campaign strategies according to target groups. Content can also be scheduled to automaticaly change depending on day of the week, time of the month and different holidays.
  4. Recommendations and Expert Advice
    Digital signage can be used to display social media recommendations and reviews from the brand’s website. Other displays can provide expert advice about how to use a product. Displays can even direct the customer to use their mobile device to start a live chat with a knowledgeable sales representative who could provide answers to questions.
  5. Employee Training
    A well informed and engaged staff is one of the keys to a successful shopping experience. Using digital signage, retailers can display company announcements, training videos, product updates and special events in the backroom or breakroom to keep employees up to date on the latest company-related information. Networked digital signage also allows a company to quickly create and update information across all stores, in real time, to provide consistent messaging to sales associates that work different shifts and eliminate the need for every store manager to communicate the same information.

RMG NetworksTM provides retail visual solutions to capture consumer attention and influence purchase behavior. These intelligent displays give you the ability to tailor messages, such as the latest products and current promotions to a targeted audience.

For more information, contact us today or download our market sheet on intelligent retail digital signage.

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About the Author:
Benjamin Neupert is the Digital Marketing Manager for RMG Networks. His goal is to produce quality, industry relevant content to educate readers on intelligent visual solutions that enhance productivity and communication.  Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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