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Managing a contact center is a difficult task. You have to manage agent performance, keep productivity high and maintain customer satisfaction. The key to doing this is clear communication. Agents need information about important key performance indicators to work efficiently.

Typically, contact centers have large digital scoreboards in highly visible locations so that agents have the knowledge they need to effectively handle calls and keep productivity high. But what about the agent whose workstation is distant from these displays? Could all your agents have easier access to this critical information?

The call center environment is only getting more complex. You may have agents distributed around the world that you need to manage. How are you going to make sure that these agents have the information they need to stay on task in real time?

What today’s contact center agents need is their own personal productivity scoreboard. This “scoreboard” would display important information directly on desktop monitors at agent workstation so they have instant access to the information they need to enhance productivity. Such a tool provides one-to-one communication, allowing agents to get the information they need on their individual performance and its impact on overall company and team goals. User-defined thresholds can be set for critical key metrics to alert agents in real time when performance falls out of range and needs immediate attention. 


It doesn’t matter whether the agent is in the back corner of the call center or half-way around the world, an agent performance scoreboard provides access to the real-time data critical to attaining not only their personal peak performance, but also that of their team and overall contact center’s productivity.

Interested in learning more about an Agent Productivity Scoreboard solution and the benefits for contact center agents and managers? Watch this short video from RMG Networks:

For more information on RMG’s Agent Productivity Scoreboard solution for contact center agents, contact us or download our business solution brief. Learn how RMG Networks solutions can help you effectively manage your call centers, keep your agents productive and make your customers happy.

Agent Productivity Scoreboard Brief

About the Author:
Ammar Asref is Vice President, Sales Engineering at RMG Networks. He has over 17 years’ experience in helping design customized intelligent digital signage solutions for customers. Connect with Ammar on LinkedIn. 

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