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The big opportunity for Supply Chain businesses in 2017 is to close the gap between the data received and real-time actionable results in your business.

Technology continues to revolutionise the supply chain sector with warehousing, distribution, logistics and transport businesses continuously innovating and investing billions worldwide each year. While new powerful systems and dashboards are now in place, communicating these insights through supply chain businesses is a major opportunity for improvements in productivity and profitability.

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$3.5 trillion1 is being spent on IT systems by companies yearly, while $143 billion2 is being spent on business intelligence and analytics.

Here at RMG we help bring businesses to life by allowing real-time problems to be identified and rectified.

Supervisors and managers are reporting that it takes on average more than six days to obtain performance reports with traditional BI tools. Sixty percent of business and technology decision makers report concerns with creating and updating dashboards and the time and effort it takes to do so while 64 percent consider it difficult to get clear answers and insights from their dashboards3.

So, the crucial multibillion-dollar opportunity is: close the gap between these massive investments and actual data-driven, effective decision making — leading to more efficient operations and improved competitiveness.

But how do you get there?

• Bring together disparate data sources
A crucial problem many organisations face is the fact that operational data is often generated by disparate and unconnected systems, each speaking their own language and not communicating with each other. The RMG core system takes multiple data sources and can bring them together to compare important stats and visualise them in an easy-to-understand and actionable way, identifying common factors and flagging them for future action.

• Communicate data to teams as it’s happening
Reports and dashboards often require more effort to get to the actual insights and understand what next steps to take. The RMG system automates reporting to help illustrate areas of underperformance and communicate them to your teams through intelligent automated reports. This is displayed on screens throughout the workplace to indicate to employees, supervisors and managers what the best actions to take, based on a set of pre-defined parameters.

• Message to supervisors’ and managers’ smart phones, tablets and desktops in real-time
Supervisors can be provided with exact personalised performance metrics that are relevant to them anywhere at any time via desktop, smartphone or tablet. That is powerful performance management, enabling them to walk the floor solving issues or taking advantage of opportunities rather than spend their time looking for them in outdated reports.

• Empower the workforce
Providing people with access and insights into their own personal performance metrics and making performance fun through gamification helps advance a dynamic within the company of increased transparency, empowerment, engagement and performance.

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