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What an exciting time of year this is, right?

All the hype around your favorite team — whether NCAA or the NFL. How will our top draft picks do? How will our favorite player perform after his off-season surgery? Will my team live up to all the pre-season hype?

We only have to wait a couple more weeks, but … what if the latest headline for the upcoming season read as follows:

“New Experiment for 2017 – No Football Scoreboards This Year”

That’s right — we’ll be required to watch all the games not knowing who is winning or losing. We won’t know how much time is left, how many time outs are left or what the all-important “down and distance” is! A bit startling, huh?

Well, this goes on every single day in the vast majority of enterprise supply chains. Oh sure, you as the “Head Coach” and/or “General Manager” may have a view into how it’s going. But even then, it may not be a real-time update.

In fact, in many supply chains today — the score is learned the next day. You gather the team at the daily “start-of-shift” meeting and say, “Well team, we came close yesterday — we got to 98% of our goal. All trucks but two left on time. We had 1 accident and 2 quality issues — now go get ‘em. We will let you know tomorrow how you do today.” OUCH!!!

One of the most important elements of today’s LEAN PRACTICES is the idea of “at-a-glance” — which obviously requires important, real-time updates to know “are we winning or losing right now?” Your typical on-the-floor employees have no indication of how they are performing against goals, or how the entire team is performing since they typically work without scoreboards — right?

With RMG’s Visual Supply Chain Solutions, you can put the data where the real-time decisions are made — at the “execution” level — viewable on large scoreboards or flat panel monitors, desktops and mobile devices. With RMG’s solution, you’ll have real-time data to keep employees informed up-to-the-minute on your current supply chain status, allowing for top “game-time” performance. Of course, managing your supply chain is no game, so why not provide all the best technology available to your team members?

For more information, contact RMG Networks at info@rmgnetworks.com. You can also download a recent eBook on real-time performance metrics in supply chain operations.

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