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Looking back at Call Centre World (CCW) 2016 in Berlin, where RMG NetworksTM (formerly Symon Communications) has been exhibiting for over 10 years, not only has the venue layout changed drastically but so have the conversations. Gone are the times when we had discussions about the importance of displaying real-time key performance indicators to agents and managers. Instead, the conversation has shifted to translating the vast amounts of multi-channel data to meaningful information and tasks that keep employees motivated during busy times and productive during the entire day. 

Call Center World Berlin 2016 Demo

Since today’s consumers can choose from a variety of communication methods – phone, web chat, email, social media – contact centres are implementing technologies to adapt to evolving demands. A flexible and powerful multi-channel approach is quickly becoming the standard across the contact centre industry. At the same time, these technologies must keep their agents engaged to maximise the centre’s resources.

Resolution Messaging

“We think poor culture equals poor customer service, how can we communicate more efficiently and faster?”

“How can you help us reduce MBRA?” (Management By Running Around)

“Responsibilities are increasing daily, how can we keep staff motivated?”

These were some of the most common questions we were asked this year.

Maximising performance, efficiency and engagement in today’s complex and high demanding multi-channel customer service organisations requires a total shift in culture and business practices. Translating complex data into real-time information and displaying in the manner most effective for agent use is critical.

RMG Networks collects and pushes key performance indicators to desktops, large format screens and mobile devices, and makes them easy to understand so agents and managers can work together to attain performance initiatives. Regardless of the communication method customers elect, agents are equipped to handle the conversation as efficiently as possible.

Multi-Channel Digital Signage

Wanting to learn how to maximise performance, improve communication and reduce attrition rates for your omnichannel customer care centre? The key is to keep your employees informed and to translate your ever-changing business goals into meaningful tasks where and when needed in real time – whilst on the desk, in a meeting or in a break room.

Learn more about RMG’s Intelligent Call Centre solution by downloading our solution brief on the Six Reasons to Implement an Intelligent Contact Center Solution or by contacting us today.

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