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Today’s supply chain professionals are constantly seeking ways to improve their supply chains – quicker and more “on time” delivery, improved productivity, quality, safety, inventory, etc. Usually the decision becomes “which of the latest technologies can I implement to help me the most?” Sometimes it is not about a new technology, but rather simply utilizing all of your existing tools more effectively and making them more visible to all employees who can impact your supply chain.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is one way you can make use of all of your investments and report on them in real time on large digital “scoreboard” displays. Using visual supply chain solutions, your key managers and supply chain employees can get a view into how are they performing right now, and what they need to do for the balance of the shift to meet or exceed their goals.

These large digital displays are designed to capture attention, while desktop communications can push critical production information and safety updates on a continuous basis. Also, using mobile communications that automatically send key alerts and reminders to mobile devices, companies can reach even the most remote worker with important notices and updates. Further, digital signage can be updated in real time to highlight inclement weather conditions, emergency notifications alerts, safety reminders, and so much more.


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The ROI for digital signage makes this decision a near “no brainer.” Companies in manufacturing, distribution, fulfillment and transportation have reported very short payback as well as significantly improved employee engagement scores. Your employees want to do a good job and you can help them by constantly letting them know “the score” in their particular department or area of responsibility. Also, the benefits of your key supervisors/managers/executives having a real-time “whole chain” view versus their typical “siloed view” of yesterday’s results, can have huge bottom line impact.

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Kerwin Everson is Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions for RMG Networks. His goal is to educate companies on the value of visualizing real-time performance management. Connect with Kerwin on LinkedIn.

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