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The healthcare industry is increasingly more competitive, and in an effort to maintain and grow a patient base, hospitals and clinics look for ways to improve their patients’ experiences. Digital signage not only provides check-in kiosks, directional hospital wayfinding, entertainment and patient room information, but is now integrating with smartphone apps and delivering real-time patient data.

Healthcare Digital Signage

The trend is to use the patients’ medical data to deliver an exceptional experience pre and post doctor consultation/diagnosis. Healthcare digital signage solutions leverage the collection of the profiled information to improve the interaction between doctors, nurses and technicians with the patient while easing any discomfort or fear about their situation.

There are many benefits digital signs provide healthcare facilities, including – 

Calming Influence
The longer patients wait, the more time there is to dwell on what brought them to the office, which can elevate anxiety levels. Further exasperating matters, patient boredom in the waiting room can add strain on the patient’s body and mind. Healthcare digital signage acts to calm patients by giving them pertinent and up-to-date information such as current events or health-related trivia. In an office performing surgical procedures, digital signage solutions can provide periodic patient updates to keep family and friends informed on the progress of the procedure.

Waiting Room Digital Signage

Sharing Stories
When a doctor delivers an unwelcome diagnosis, it’s common for a patient to feel alone in their struggle. Some look to others that have had similar experiences and find it comforting to hear their stories of recovery. Healthcare signage is an effective platform for patients who wish to share their experience with others. Stories of those who have recovered from cancer treatments or heart surgery and the process they went through on their path to better health can build confidence and optimism. Displaying these stories on healthcare signage can provide a new found attitude of hope and courage for patients.

Improved Office Coordination
Healthcare digital signage solutions aren’t just meant for patients in the waiting room, they are also very effective in nursing stations and exam rooms. Doctors and nurses can use digital signage software integrated with their existing systems to instantly update the patient’s condition or stage in the workflow process. This reduces the need to physically transfer files from place to place making the organization more efficient. In seconds, a doctor knows which patient is ready for an examination, a nurse knows who is ready for their blood work and administrators know which rooms are open to receive new patients. Reducing the time spent on administrative tasks lessens wait times and improves the overall experience.

It is easy to see why so many healthcare facilities are turning to digital signage to reduce patient stress, provide visitor distraction from worry and improve office coordination.

RMG NetworksTM intelligent visual communications for healthcare include a complete digital signage solution of software, hardware, consultancy, content creation and professional services. For more information, download our healthcare market sheet or contact us today.

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