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I know the drill all too well – the tedium of filling out risk assessment forms and the monotonous daily safety brief to your teams before the day‘s work can begin; the exhausting task of internalizing the value of safety standards within your subordinate leaders (and indeed within yourself) and the devastating consequences when you fail to do so. As a wartime logistician and Army officer, for me the only mission more critical than supporting the fight was to do so safely.

Any leader worth his or her salt, from the ranks of field manager to the executive suite, will make instilling within the ranks a culture of safety a daily priority.

Yes, you read that correctly: daily.

All too often the demands of work and the familiarity of repetitive tasks can naturally dull our situational awareness, and that’s when totally preventable accidents happen. If you don’t believe me, consider this: every fifteen seconds, 153 workers suffer a work-related accident, and in 2012 alone, there were more than 2 million total recordable workplace injuries in the private sector.

But you’re a good leader – that’s why you’re seeking out this sort of information and why you’ve happened upon my little blog post here. Your primary concern is not the importance of cultivating a culture of safety (you’re already sold on that idea), but employing the most practical, most efficient ways in which to do so. You know that emailing safety reminders and alerts won’t do it – your workforce is too distributed and your emails are too many. And, after about the third time walking by those static safety signs mounted throughout your areas, you yourself have to confess that they’re about as engaging and alerting as the wall or apparatus upon which they‘re prominently displayed.

This is where RMG NetworksTMcan make a difference. We specialize in transmitting visually engaging messages to anyone throughout your organization within view of a digital signage screen, a desktop PC, or anyone in possession of a tablet or smart phone. Our solution not only allows you to schedule and push ad-hoc safety messages and reminders to your teams, but can also integrate with emergency and weather alert systems to ensure that safety messages are automatically pushed with precision to the right individuals at the right time. In short, in an age of information, we are the Visual Internal Communications experts, and therefore, the perfect platform to communicate safety messages to your teams whenever and wherever they are.

Check out our video below on safety communications to find out more, and remember, in the words of my former Battalion Commander, “Safety first!”

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