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Momentum is the name of Manhattan Associates’ (MANH) flagship event that brings together customers, partners, industry leaders and experts. RMG NetworksTM has been a Manhattan Value Partner (MVP) for four years and considers this one of the top supply chain events in which we participate – this year along with over 1,200 attendees at the beautiful Dolphin Disney Hotel in Orlando.

Manhattan Momentum 2016

The theme for this year’s Manhattan Momentum event was “Deliver a Fulfilling Experience.” Some of the highlights of this year’s conference included MANH President and CEO, Eddie Capel’s opening address announcing that customer attendees had grown from 700 to 850. Keith Lambert, Nike’s vice president of global fulfillment, shared the incredible history of a true global giant. The keynote was delivered by John Foley, former Lead Solo Pilot of the Blue Angels. He compared the precision, discipline and trust of the pilots to a well-oiled global supply chain. Three Super Sessions followed by Intel, Lennox International and Papa John’s.

A personal favorite of mine at the event was the “Discovery Center” where MANH and their approximately 40 partners showcased the latest technologies and tools for manufacturers, distribution and e-commerce fulfillment centers, and even retail stores. It is always encouraging to see the excitement around tools that help these companies and their leaders deliver on the promise of a more streamlined, cost-efficient, productive supply chain that provides the customer satisfaction we all desire in our personal transactions.

This is where RMG Networks data visualization tools truly deliver. Our Visual Supply Chain solutions presented at Momentum this year consisted of large easy-to-read digital signage scoreboards that deliver real-time metrics to all employees involved in each process. Imagine if everyone in receiving, replenishment, picking, packing and shipping – that is all aspects of your supply chain – knew the up-to-the-minute “score” – whether you are winning or losing the day. What if they knew how much work had been accomplished, how much remained, what their individual productivity score was (i.e., did they make their incentive bonus), which assignment do they move to next (as in self-direction) and what time their shift will end today? Wow, no overtime today? That is great news for the employee and the company’s bottom line.

Productive Supply Chain

RMG Networks looks forward to many upcoming supply chain conferences and trade shows this year, and we hope to see you there to learn how Visual Supply Chain solutions can improve productivity within your distribution or fulfillment center.

To learn more about RMG Networks Visual Supply Chain solutions and how we can optimize your operations and fulfillment, visit our website or contact us today.

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About the Author:
Kerwin Everson is Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions for RMG Networks. His goal is to educate companies on the value of visualizing real-time performance management. Connect with Kerwin on LinkedIn.

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