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Content is King. It is a phrase almost everyone has heard of, and ever since Bill Gates declared those words in 1996, this phrase has become one of the most discussed on the internet. It is also a phrase by which the power of content is used to empower digital signage ROI.

One of the key discussion topics concerning digital communication is this idea that content is the be-all and end-all for successful digital signage. And put simply, that is not entirely true.

Digital content is vital to the successful deployment of a digital signage solution, however, a sovereign cannot govern and rule a kingdom on his or her own. You will never win a game of chess if you solely rely on the king. The king might look brilliant, with an elaborate crown and with a fair amount of money and time spent on it; however, without all the other chess pieces doing their part, the king can easily get captured and then it’s checkmate.

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We don’t often consider chess and content in the same context, but some elements of this strategic game can be applied to effective digital signage content delivery.

Identified Roles
All the pieces of a chessboard have a role. Rules are identified; boundaries and limitations are set. As a team leader, I can send out specific messages through desktop dashboards without affecting anyone else’s channel. Understanding roles from the start and being invested in a project early on means the communications have involved stakeholders – your users – who will embrace the campaign as opposed to reluctantly inheriting it.

Every move on a chess board is calculated and relevant. One lackluster move and it becomes unlikely you will win the game. The same applies to content – unclear and unfocused communication loses its meaning and ends up diluting your message. The wrong message to the wrong audience negatively impacts overall brand communication.

Right Place – Right Time
In chess, much like your roles, you have guidelines in which you can operate, and to win a game relies heavily on utilizing major players when they are most needed. Pieces have specific locations on the board from where they can move; similarly, content needs to be placed to the rightly identified locations on your digital screens. Timing is important, too. Chess pieces need to move around the board in a goal-oriented and effective manner. If they remain in one place too long, pieces can easily be rendered useless and be removed from the game, which mirrors the importance for frequently updated content on your digital screens.

You will never see the same game of chess twice (in fact, there are over 4 million possible ways to move on a chess board). Like chess, your content must be unique, up-to-date and fresh. Otherwise, your audience may lose interest in your digital signs. Make it unique by targeting the content to your audience, your brand, the location and the time of day.

Active Engagement
Any move you make on a chess board is going to incite a reaction from your opponent. Content that has a clear purpose can help influence the behavior of your audience and get your audience to act upon the delivered message with the use of call-to-actions, social media integration and two-way communication opportunities.

Finally, what makes all of this happen is The Player. You can’t play the game without knowing the rules, just like you can’t deliver content without a plan. Understanding your audience, competitors, the market, trends, locations and operations add to your overall digital content strategy.

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Ultimately, the best looking content by itself will not result in a successful communications strategy, but how you distribute content is key. This is not about “content is king,” but about creating digital content fit for a king. Content, which with the right strategy, planning, focus and relevance simply becomes the best one can offer. Content which puts quality and context at its very core.

RMG NetworksTMis a pioneer in digital communication systems providing intelligent digital signage solutions to 70% of the Fortune 100 companies. Contact us to learn more and discuss your opportunities to leverage your digital marketing content.

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About the Author:
Natalie Gibson is the Creative Services Manager at RMG Networks’ London office. She is passionate and skilled in the design and delivery of creative concepts for digital marketing content. Connect with Natalie on LinkedIn.

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