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Recently, RMG NetworksTM participated in the Human Capital Institute’s (HCI) annual Employee Engagement Conference held in Denver, Colorado. For three days, strategic human resource and employee engagement professionals gathered to learn more about the effectiveness of driving employee engagement, culture, and retention.

During the event, business leaders focused on strategizing the most optimal way to reach their employees. Several companies mentioned having current video display boards at their offices but couldn’t specify any examples of their content. Clearly, a sure fire example of ineffective visual communication.

Addressing these communication challenges, RMG demonstrated how dynamic, updated content can reach employees through displaying internal achievements, company goals, and CEO messages on digital signage and dashboard applications.

The conference was also the perfect opportunity for RMG to showcase its visual internal communications solutions, including the InViewTM dashboad application. With InView, critical data requiring immediate attention is directly displayed on employees’ desktops and mobile devices. Intuitive graphs and charts based on individual, team, and company-level performance keeps competition friendly and motivates employee performance.

Many attendees were interested in the concept of a PC and mobile data dashboard. Industry leaders expressed the difficulty of reaching employees through traditional methods of communication, such as email, and saw tremendous value and efficiency of having a “pop-to-top” application on their PC that would alert them of business-critical events.

Conference participants envisioned using InView for management-level video messages, social media monitoring and performance management. Conversations ventured into other areas such as alerting employees on corporate mandated documents requiried for signatures, tracking insurance premiums and other benefits, and gamification of KPI goals. Further, the idea of InView’s proof-of-play was of interest as it would allow their respective departments to track the effectiveness of this visual tool.

dashboard application

RMG was pleased to have this opportunity to demonstrate our InView desktop and mobile dashboard and show industry experts how to bring important internal communications messages to all employees, no matter their location. With InView, messages can be customized by person, team or region and include employee performance metrics and how they track to KPIs in real time. Overall, we discussed the importance of increased communication of company messaging and how individual performance can benefit companies by motivating employee behavior and increasing engagement.

RMG Networks provides a number of intelligent visual solutions designed to improve communication and engagement as part of your internal communication strategy. To learn more about our visual internal communications solution, download our market sheet or contact us today.

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About the Author:
Jeff Rolfe is a sales engineer for RMG Networks. Jeff has more than 10 years of industry experience in helping customers achieve their business goals. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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