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Have you ever wondered what’s being said when a top-tier basketball team goes in for a quick team huddle during a game? It’s probably safe to assume that the purpose of the huddle is to review strategy or to motivate team members. Coaches need to make sure all the players are on the same page and ready for the game.

Employee Engagement

As it happens, that’s actually the underlying idea with employee engagement: You’re shooting for a workplace environment that brings out all of the experience and talent of everyone on your team so that they follow the same organizational game plan.

At the same time, each team member should feel like he/she is making an important contribution to the greater picture and their contribution is both meaningful and aligned with your organization’s goals. That can sometimes be a tall order, which is why many companies have benefited from employing the following employee engagement ideas:

1. Encourage Employee Input
While companies like Zappos have embraced the concept of holacracy and chipping away at the concept of top-down hierarchies in the workplace, a lot of us are looking for more practical innovations that don’t involve reinventing the wheel.

In lieu of overhauling your entire workplace authority structure, it’s better to let employees know they can come to you with their ideas without having to censor themselves or worry about any kind of retaliation. Set aside an hour each week for everyone to give their input and consider instituting an open-door policy for employees.

2. Try Out the 20% Idea
In terms of new employee engagement ideas, Google received a lot of attention by allowing their engineers to pursue their own projects for up to a fifth of their work week.The trick is finding a balance between innovation and staying true to your organization’s core values. Even more than that, you want to make sure employees have enough latitude to innovate without short changing any major projects.

3. Incorporate a Wellness Program
Kicking off a wellness program in the workplace can actually kill two birds with one stone – starting a steps challenge, for instance, can lower the collective stress level in the office while also encouraging more inter-departmental communication and overall fitness.

Employee engagement is about fostering a stronger relationship between your workforce and the organization’s overarching values. In other words, when employees are fully engaged in their work and bring a sense of positivity and creativity to the table, then you know that you’re doing something right. That’s where wellness programs come in, since they’re great ways to let off some steam and refresh before heading back to work. They can even encourage employees to find more reasons to make it to work early.

4. Use Digital Signage to Recognize Top Performers
Stimulating employee engagement is a lot more than a bonhomie management philosophy: It’s a way to make everyone around the office feel appreciated as well as to increase productivity and revenue while lowering employee turnover.

One way to keep employees motivated and employee engagement robust is by using digital signage to broadcast company achievements and the latest performance metrics. By mixing the personal with the professional (e.g., using digital signage to highlight employee accomplishments alongside announcements of monumental company goal attainments), you can instill a greater sense that everyone from management down is playing for the same team. In other words, digital signage is an innovative way to keep everyone on point and informed, and it can be used to communicate in real time.

Key Performance Indicators

5. Motivate with Inspirational Messages
By now, most companies have realized the importance of employee engagement when it comes to boosting innovation, production and revenue. Unfortunately, many companies continue to struggle with employee disengagement. To reduce the number of employees who are disengaged in the workplace, managers might consider motivational speakers every now and again to get employees more excited about what they do and where they’re headed.

Motivational messages can be reinforced long after the speaker has left the premises by incorporating it into your digital signage. Display visually stunning messages on high-resolution displays and continue to motivate and engage your workforce.

Through the implementation of these five employee engagement ideas, you’ll take the first steps towards a healthy company environment.

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