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Your staff is your best asset and making sure they’re safe from injury may increase performance, boost morale, and reduce a variety of costs associated with injury. The truth is nothing is more important than for every worker to go home safe at the end of a long day. In fact, safety should be top-of-mind of every employer as well as every employee. But just in case it isn’t — we have federal agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that is charged with the enforcement of safety and health legislation to encourage employers to improve workplace safety and to help reduce the number of injuries and fatalities.

Safety Messaging

OSHA recently updated its safety regulations to encourage employers to improve workplace safety and to help reduce the number of injuries and fatalities. Under the new rule, any workplace with 250 or more employees must electronically submit accident, illness, and injury data to OSHA every quarter. Information concerning workplace safety records will then be posted on the agency’s website. Even without the potential for public shame from the new regulations, workplace safety should be top priority for every company. Here are five ways to get ahead of the new laws and protect your employees.

1. Reduce Workplace Injuries with Proper Documentation
When new employees receive on-the-job training, sometimes the trainer may inadvertently skip a step or make a mistake that can lead to injury. Without the proper process documentation, it’s easy to develop bad habits that can become serious safety issues. To prevent this problem, document all your operational processes and make sure employees have easy access to the documents for a quick refresher whenever they need it.

2. Focus on Safety Training and Drills
Part of your safety program should include periodic training and drills to ensure employees know what to do in an emergency and while performing their jobs. Practice evacuations for emergencies such as fire or chemical spills, but also make sure people know the locations of first-aid kits and how to contact first responders.

3. Use Proper Methods
The lean philosophy is one of the most potent tools for safety improvement. Lean encourages neatness and the use of proper methods. It has been proven that injuries are more likely to occur in a cluttered, dirty environment or while using unauthorized methods. Lean also recommends error-proofing processes through the use of tools and patterns. To be lean, you should clean up spills as soon as they occur and remove tripping hazards such as trailing wires. Consider creation of dies and jigs that only allow work to be done the right way — the safe way.

4. Show That Safety Matters
When your employees see that safety matters to you, it will matter more to them. Encourage an organizational culture of safety and empower workers to bring safety issues and concerns to your attention, even to the point of shutting down the line if they observe a problem. Address safety issues quickly when they are brought to your attention. Show pride in an excellent safety record and express sincere regret for injuries or accidents that occur.

5. How Digital Signage Can Support A Safer Environment
Digital signage is a handy tool for keeping people up to date on safety hazards. You can easily change the display to issue reminders about safety matters that arise during inclement weather or to present simple messages such as “safety matters.” Another great use of digital signage is to announce safety award winners or reminders about safety meetings. Consider digital signage as a way to deliver process documentation to line workers as well. When they see the process demonstrated correctly, they are not likely to take unsafe shortcuts.

At RMG®, our content specialists collaborate with customers to design and develop safety messages as part of our RMG LUXE Content Services. With expert skill, we help to design and promote safety messages for your digital signage. Not only is RMG an industry leader in digital signage solutions but with RMG LUXE custom content services we can help promote a safe work environment.

Our team transforms your messages into visually engaging signage content. With RMG LUXE, we create customized content and frequently update important safety messages, alerts, and tips to keep your digital signage viewers engaged, informed, and safe from harm’s way.

Safety Communications

When you care about your employees, it shows. One of the most caring things you can do for your workers is to ensure their safety whenever possible. When you show you care, employees will reward you with higher productivity and fewer accidents.

Learn about RMG and our Safety Communications solution by downloading a case study on improving safety communications or by contacting us today.

Safety Communications Case Study


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