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When was the last time you went on a trip?

Some of the best parts of traveling are experimenting the different foods, exploring the notable sights and experiencing the diverse cultures. However, navigating the foreign landscape, staying on schedule and averting risk come hand in hand.

If you’ve ever been on a trip that left you playing a game of charades or where you felt you were part of a scavenger hunt to figure out “where is the nearest pharmacy,” you know clarity and good customer service are vital for travelers. A hotel with good communication makes the difference in any language and location. And, it’s true whether a hotel caters to business or leisure travelers.

Hotel Digital Signage
How can hotel brands offer a great experience and communication to travelers? By incorporating digital signage in their hotels.

It wasn’t long ago when digital signage was all but unknown in most hotels. In-room TV was the main source of wayfinding information – if that wasn’t quite enough, a person had to visit the concierge.

With U.S travel spending rising, hospitality brands are adopting intelligent digital signage to create a better guest experience. Here’s how digital signage can provide better guest communication:

Eliminate Conference Confusion
Millions of people travel across the country and around the world for conferences every year. Content on hotel digital signage and hotel door signs helps ensure guests are aware of the keynote speeches, breakout sessions and other experiences that will make the trip worth their while and worth repeating. No more guessing which conference room to go to or how long a session is – you just have to check the hotel signage.

Provide Concierge Services
Guest don’t usually spend all their time inside the hotel. When they want to know what’s going on around town, they tend to ask the front desk. Now, visitors can get information, tickets and reservations at the touch of a screen from interactive kiosks that act as a virtual concierge.

Promote Onsite Amenities
Convenience and exposure are essential for guests to visit the spa, restaurant and other resort amenities. Hotels can use digital signage to promote events, specials and discounts in real time to guests to encourage them to take advantage of all the hotel has to offer and increase traffic to other revenue generating areas.


Encourage Casino Gaming
Las Vegas reports gambling is down as a share of revenue as guests seek other ways to spend their money. Digital signage is an enticing and effective way to get players back on the casino floor by advertising special deals, time-sensitive offers and the biggest jackpots.

Help with Travel Planning
Many guests rent cars and venture out to brave unfamiliar roads and landmarks. Instead of searching on their phones, interactive hotel signage can make excursions easier by providing the best route and information on the location. And, of course, the last favor a hotel can do for any guest is make sure it’s easy to catch a flight out of town with real-time updates on weather, flight schedules and road conditions.

Want Referrals & Repeat Business? A Little Signage Goes a Long Way
Digital signage in hotels helps strengthen guest sentiment and inspire return visits. Modern digital signage integrates seamlessly into hotel computer systems, ensuring a smooth experience from check-in to check-out.

Ready to learn more on how digital signs provide the ultimate guest experience? RMG NetworksTM is a leader in intelligent digital signage for the hospitality industry. Download our market sheet on hospitality or contact us today.

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