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In years past, tennis was a country club sport played with quaint wooden rackets on grass and clay courts – very old fashioned. We’ve come a long way from the players who were dressed to the nines in long white pants or ankle length dresses. Though the basic rules remain the same, modern times have brought technological innovation to this once-genteel sport. Graphite rackets with computer technology now help develop today’s players by providing real-time information to improve their power and accuracy.

Interactive Digital Displays

Much like tennis, interactive displays are changing the way we do business, providing valuable information, promoting products and services, and improving customer service in a wide variety of organizations. In fact, one study revealed over 66% of respondents said they would like to see more interactive digital displays when shopping for electronics to learn more about the brands and products.

Here are a five industries that are changing the way they do business using the latest interactive display technology to boost their bottom line.

1. Retail
The emergence of retail omnichannel strategies, with harmonious mobile device interactivity, provides a seemingly endless online database of information. This results in more informed purchasing decisions and an overall enhanced in-store experience. Digital signs for retail –

  • Promote new products, discounts and loyalty programs with eye-catching graphics on interactive screens or personal mobile devices, near point-of-sale, to increase the tendency to purchase.
  • Engage the client thoroughly, creating a deeper interaction and ownership of the item being promoted. These displays also serve as entertainment, keeping customers in the store for longer periods of time.
  • Educate shoppers with information pushed to their devices, teaching them why the companies’ products are the best and demonstrating how to use them at home.

Digital Signs for Retail

2. Higher Education
Today’s students expect to interact with technology in every facet of their lives. College campuses are showcasing the best the school has to offer using interactive displays that –

  • Create a modern impression using state of the art video displays throughout the campus and in the classroom.
  • Display a constantly changing roster of events; interactive displays are a snap to update with the latest information.
  • Provide wayfinding directions and an interactive map of the campus with detailed information about the buildings and classrooms.

3. Hospitality
Tailor made for the hospitality industry, interactive display technology makes guests feel welcome and well-informed. Hospitality interactive displays –

  • Present touchscreen displays with instant information regarding local events and destinations, as well as the day’s restaurant specials.
  • Show guests around the facility as well as the local neighborhood with interactive wayfinding maps.
  • Advertise and promote hotel dining, spas and other incremental services.

4. Healthcare
More than most industries, healthcare consumers want access to critical information. Thanks to interactive displays in healthcare facilities, patients and their loved ones can easily access this meaningful data that –

  • Provide much-needed information such as healthcare screenings, clinic hours, healthcare advancements and more in an easily updated format.
  • Promote new services offered, cafeteria menus, and new procedures and products.
  • Guide visitors and patients around the facility with a simple touch of the finger.

5. Financial Services
Interactive displays are an easy way for financial institutions to deepen the relationship with customers by providing up-to-the-minute information about what is important to them. Banking digital displays –

  • Update customers in real time about the constantly changing markets.
  • Endorse financial products organically, providing education about the advantages customers will experience working with the financial institution.
  • Shorten perceived wait times with engaging content.
  • Customize displays for the local market, deepening the perceived value of the brand.

RMG NetworksTM specializes in interactive intelligent visual communications for these industries and many more. Let our team of experts help you configure an interactive solution for your business that will “wow” your customers and save you money. For more information, download our white paper on the benefits of intelligent digital signage or contact us today.

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