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Nothing says “I trust you” like giving your friend or partner freedom within a relationship – freedom to go, freedom to do, and freedom to be. The same holds true in other relationships. Take the relationship between a manager and employee, for example.

Micromanagers, those who cannot disengage themselves from every step of their employees’ work, can actually cripple a relationship, demoralizing their employees and impeding productivity.


However, those managers who free their employees by trusting them will not only see morale and productivity increase, but will also experience a freedom that will allow them, as managers, to focus on the bigger picture and how to continually improve their processes while raising the performance bar for their teams.

At RMG NetworksTM, we understand even the most trusting manager needs an unobtrusive way to verify their employees’ performance. That’s why we’ve developed InViewTM, a powerful internal communications dashboard that combines best-in-class real-time data integration with important company messaging so managers and organizations can not only build trust, but trust by verification.

With real-time performance metrics pushed right to desktops and mobile devices and made actionable with RMG’s filtering and thresholding capabilities, managers can anticipate bottlenecks and manage by exception while employees can practically manage their own performance. 

It’s a simple formula, really: trust equals freedom, freedom equals productivity and productivity equals better results.

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About the Author:
Robert Jefferson is a Content Marketing Manager and Video Producer for RMG Networks with a passion for communication and a love for all things creative. Connect with Robert on LinkedIn.

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