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When someone says, “I remember when…,” you probably think they’re about to tell a story about how everything was better in the past. Well, I’m not about to tell you that call centers were better years ago. In fact, I’m going to start this discussion about how a data dashboard can improve call center performance by sharing with you just how bad things were “back in the day.”

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The Good ‘Ole Days …
I remember when call centers in the late nineties and early aughts started to use dashboards on a regular basis. The dashboard framework was far from perfect, and agents usually waited for their team leaders to send them performance data in emails or hand them printed reports at weekly or daily goals meetings. Agents were then expected to keep performance information in the back of their minds or reference copies posted at their computers as they took calls.

… Weren’t That Great
Because the technology was so new and different and the data distribution and evaluation was so time-consuming, the use of data dashboards actually caused many companies to lose money during installation, system integration and agent training. Additionally, early dashboards often caused production delays and revenue losses during regular use because of:

  • Limited Access: Initially, a data dashboard was only available to management, meaning real-time time data wasn’t available to everyone.
  • Missing Data: Early dashboards tracked few metrics and offered fewer customization options. As a result, managers and agents lacked all of the information they needed to work at optimal levels.
  • Hidden Windows: Data was usually presented in one or more separate desktop windows that users would inevitably push into the background out of sight and out of mind while working in other systems such as customer accounts.
  • Production Slowdown: Poor to no real-time updates, printed reports and data evaluation meetings slowed down production and increased expenses.
  • Higher Costs: Many companies would have to pay for extra help (i.e., temp and contract workers) to handle the phones during metrics/performance meetings.
  • Reduced Adherence: During distracting and stressful calls, agents would often ignore or forget their performance problems. The resulting effects on customer service and call handle time would lead to financial losses related to firing “bad” agents and hiring and training new ones.

Early dashboarding systems did offer incredible tools for improving performance and revenues, but they lacked the features, options and elegance of today’s systems.

Focusing on the Future
As reported by Salesforce in January 2015, U.S. contact centers lose approximately
$41 billion to poor customer service every year, and phone-based communication makes up 68 percent of all interactions. In August 2014, the director of The National Association of Call Centers estimated that approximately five million people were employed by more than 66,000 centers in the nation.

Given the sheer number of centers, workers and amount of revenues involved, companies can’t afford to stay in the past. You need the speed and efficiency a modern data dashboard like InView DesktopTM offers your workforce. Modern solutions provide customizable interfaces that feature more than general customer service call metrics and phone performance data, including:

  • Seamless integration with third-party data sources
  • Visual cues (e.g., color coding, scrolling tickers and charts) that make it easier to view, manage and remember data
  • Screensaver, mobile and digital signage viewing so data is never hidden away and conveniently accessible from anywhere
  • Company news about current problems and upcoming changes
  • Sales performance and ROI data by team, location and operation-wide
  • Internal messaging for real-time, faster communicationsData Dashboard 

A data dashboard makes certain that every ounce of information that agents, managers, executives and other employees could possibly need for decisions and success is readily available. As data-driven decisions speed up the resolution process, customers come away from their experiences with positive memories that reinforce their loyalty. Reduced time lost and optimal production and communication guarantee an increase in revenues.

RMG NetworksTM provides an intelligent data dashboard solution designed to improve communication, efficiency and productivity. To learn more, download our InView desktop product sheet or contact us today.

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