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Have you ever forgotten where you put your car keys? Your phone? Or, maybe the date of a loved one’s birthday? Then you are not alone. Some 39% of Americans forget one important detail or lose an everyday item every week. We have a lot on our minds and our attention spans are short. It’s just hard to keep track of everything!

Digital Signage Attention Span

In this age of short sound bites and information overload, companies need a way to reach their employees and visitors with the important messages they want to share. This is where digital signage excels, in addressing this communication need.

What is digital signage? A digital signage solution is comprised of intelligent software that is used to create and automate messages to be displayed on screens – from large video walls, to desktop computers and mobile devices. Basically, it gets the right message to the right people at the right time.

In today’s vernacular, the term “Squirrel!” often has a different connotation than the cute furry animal your dog chases around the backyard. Just like Dug the talking dog in the Disney movie Up, we are often drawn toward competing stimuli. You’re talking about one topic and then Squirrel! – you jump to something else. In fact, the average attention span has dropped in the last 15 years from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.

We officially now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish!

Digital signage allows for the “Squirrel!” effect. Digital messaging catches the attention of those that see the screens. Plus, digital signs include short text, pictures and video that constantly changes. The perfect solution for short attention spans. As noted in Jeffrey Hayzlett’s new book, Think Big Act Bigger, you have to learn how to kill the squirrels by focusing your team on “what matters, where things are going and what you want to build.” Digital messaging is the perfect way to focus your team on the right squirrels.   

What messages need your employees’ attention: how they are performing to their daily goal, new safety precautions, or maybe an attaboy for a coworker’s job well done? For visitors and guests, your digital messaging can reinforce your company’s brand, provide wayfinding or a company directory, even entertain them with the latest news while waiting in the lobby. The possibilities are endless.

As Millennials take their predominant place in today’s workforce, digital messaging becomes even more important. This younger generation is geared toward getting their information in clear, concise formats and videos. They also value gamification – knowing how their work ranks against their peers and the company as a whole, information that benefits the employee and the company.

Digital Signage Gamification Example

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