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The digital signage boom is happening and impossible to escape. With bright, colorful graphics and thought provoking messages, our landscape has changed for the better and there’s no going back.

As digital signage continues to expand, companies are looking for ways to enhance the visitor experience and employee engagement and realize an even greater return on their initial signage investment. The introduction of news headlines as part of a digital signage network is a quick and efficient way to increase the effectiveness of signage in the workplace.

Here are a few important benefits of incorporating headline news into your digital signage messaging. 

Grabs Attention
News headlines as part of your digital signage is ultimately a hook to spread your message to employees and visitors. Eyes look to the screen initially to catch the latest headlines, but while you have their attention, you can use the opportunity to recognize the newest member of the office, the latest product or service, or information about the benefits plan that is rolling out in January.

Reaching the modern workplace audience has become more difficult with the advent of smart devices that keep our heads down and the world tuned out. On its own, digital signage attracts the observer’s eye leaving a short window to communicate your message. So when the opportunity presents itself to grab the attention of your staff or visitors, the content needs to be captivating. The initial 5-7 seconds a viewer looks at a screen lies the greatest opportunity to capture attention and interest, allowing your message a chance to sink in. News headlines almost demand attention by steadily rotating current, engaging information, improving the likelihood the rest of your screen’s content is noticed. 

Maintains Attention
Nielsen tells us that knowing how and when to reach the prospective audience is the Holy Grail of audience measurement and directly correlates return on investment and brand reputation. And, since networks like Fox News and CNN continue breaking records year after year, broadcasting news headlines is a proven formula for success. 

The message is virtually unavoidable: when looking to the latest news, the score of last night’s game or today’s weather forecast, viewers are more likely to notice the primary internal communication message you are conveying. Prolonging focus on your screen as they read through the headlines extends that crucial 5-7 second window of attention.

News Headlines for Digital Signage

Digital signs are most effective when presented to a captive audience since they are likely to be exposed to repetitive messaging on the signage. The problem with captive eyes usually means they are waiting, they are getting bored and perhaps annoyed. Boredom radically increases perceived wait times, whether it’s waiting to see a client after a long flight, before an interview for that dream job or having lunch in the office break room. Visitors experiencing such frustrations are less likely to return to your business and disengaged employees are historically less productive.

Digital signage with headline news alleviates boredom by introducing fresh, interesting content. The headlines and correlating images inform those watching with latest events from around the nation and the world, and by passing the time with engaging information, perceived wait time is considerably lessened and your message is received.

Headline News for Digital Signage

Interested in incorporating headline news into your digital signage? Ask how a dedicated RMG NetworksTM messaging specialist can develop and manage content specifically for your digital signage by providing frequent headline news, business, sports, weather, entertainment and industry updates for your audiences as part of our OnTarget News service. For more information on OnTarget News, visit our website or contact us today.

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