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“If I knew then, what I know now.” 

Some of you may remember the above as a title of a song while others may perhaps remember it just as a day-to-day catch phrase. The benefit of hindsight is always an advantage, but we are always on the wrong side of it. This is where real-time visibility is empowering and brings options.

Many people will agree that knowledge is power, or if you’re a fan of hip-hop and Kool Moe Dee, knowledge is king. Others would disagree and argue that Kool Moe Dee’s knowledge is king is an old school of thought. Instead, knowledge when actioned is now king. It is not enough to know – you must take action based on the newfound knowledge.

Imagine if you could bring together all of the KPIs (key performance indicators) from all of the departments of your organisation, from a diverse multitude of technologies, networked databases and platforms (CRM, Email, ERP, ACD, QC), and visualise them across one common platform. Wouldn’t it be nice (another song title) if the left hand knew what the right hand was doing in real time? Well, now you can.

As if that was not enough, if you are in the business of processing any kind of product that ships from a supply chain to an end user, this can also be measured in real time, materially increasing the ROI and efficiencies that lie within. Music to your ears and a feast for your eyes, right? One platform and one view customised to what you want to see. Freddie said it best with “one voice, one hope, one real decision,” i.e., one vision.

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Where to Start
Which division of your company would you start with visualising actionable data? Every department you can think of has its own unique and distinctly different KPIs, from HR to quality control, from sales to accounts, from engineering to the shop floor, from manufacturing to the distribution centre and so on. The logical place to begin is with an area that has frequently updated metrics that impact company revenue and profitability. However, every department, and employee, can benefit from easily accessible actionable information.

Measure Of Success
How do you measure your success? Is your “Big Data” hidden inside row after row of black boxes in racks of data storage, no doubt handled for you by a cloud hosting company somewhere out in the blue yonder? If seeing is believing, then your best chance of improving the operations of your business is to have someone visualise the most important and critical information from each key source and put it together into one master data dashboard for the decision-makers to do what they do best. Yes, you’ve guessed it: Make decisions in real time, of course!

A Contact Centre Example
That is precisely what we do for our clients at RMG NetworksTM: We collect, filter, and display important real-time data to those that can act on it. Let’s take one area as an example: contact centres. Let me set the scene we typically see with clients: The end of the day arrives and various key performance indicators have fallen short of the desired targets. Let’s multiply that out to a week and then to a month. The picture worsens. A whole month of missed daily KPIs exacerbates the problem and means the targets are way short of their goal and are now out of range and will not be hit. Sometimes not even close.

All Hands on Deck
There is another way. In our example, we would utlise our contact centre solutions to put real-time information in the hands of those who can influence behaviour. A manager can alert the call centre agents to bring all hands on deck to remedy a situation, such as too many calls waiting over 10 minutes or calls in queue (CIQ) that have reached a pre-determined limit or breaking point, or some other unacceptable KPI threshold that has been breached. We bring the technology into view by raising the alarm and alerting the workforce and team managers on issues that need immediate addressing.

All this is easily done thanks to RMG’s visualised KPIs. Not only can these be displayed on wallboards or digital displays, they can now be replicated to your desktop or smartphone mobile device to keep you informed in real time, making a real difference to the present and future outcome. In another part of the building when the alert rings through? Not a problem if you have a data dashboard mobile app with customised real-time KPIs. You now have the ability to be empowered, rather than disarmed, putting yourself in a position of strength and control. You are, after all, a decision maker.

Once implemented, real-time technology has been proven to improve productivity rates as well as customer satisfaction of contact centre agents and teams, supply chain logistics processes, employee communications and the like. So much so, that various organisations have been embarrassed to admit how low their stats were by comparison (no names mentioned here).

Real-time KPI visualisation is making a significant impact on productivity, ROI, and the bottom line profit of thousands of organisations worldwide on a daily basis. If you aren’t taking advantage of this technology, it’s time to stop regretting the past performance and look forward to better results!

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Are you ready for real-time measurable goals visualised for you, so you can make informed decisions, along with providing your staff with actionable insight designed to improve productivity, employee engagement, and profitability? Then contact RMG or request a free digital signage demo. It’s the gift that keeps on giving (in real time, of course). Did I say that already? Oh ok, take five.

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About the Author:
Bernie Armstrong is key account manager for RMG Networks based in London. He has more than 25 years of experience in complex software solutions and infrastructure sales. Bernie’s goal is to build strategic and lasting relationships with clients to help them realise the greatest value from their solutions. Connect with Bernie on LinkedIn.  

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