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RMG at the American Supply Chain Summit 2017

Uber owns no taxis; Facebook creates no content; Airbnb owns no real estate; Alibaba owns no inventory; Netflix owns no cinemas. However, each of these companies, the largest in their space, are changing the way we think about certain services and how the consumer wants to be serviced.

RMG's booth layout at the American Supply Chain Summit 2017.

RMG’s booth layout at the American Supply Chain Summit 2017.

At the recent American Supply Chain Summit 2017 held in Orlando, Florida (organized by Generis Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada), a group of nearly 100 supply chain executives (McDonalds, 3M, Nissan, Mars, VF Corp, Boeing, Adidas and many more) gathered to discuss the impact new technologies, as well as the millennial generation in the workplace, might have on the supply chain industry.

We’d all like to believe our supply chain is a well-oiled machine, operating at the speed of the consumer’s demands, or … at the speed of Uber. Millennials and their workplace habits, although misinterpreted at times, have contributed to the speed of execution within supply chain as they have a desire to succeed.

The millennial generation is thought to have little work ethic or respect for authority, but most executives at the conference felt millennials’ biggest drive was the desire to make a difference. That does not of course mean they have to be CEO in a few years — millennials simply need to know how what they do makes a difference.

Kerwin Everson, RMG Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions, presenting at the American Supply Chain Summit 2017.

Kerwin Everson, RMG Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions, presenting at the American Supply Chain Summit 2017.

How are you thinking differently and making a difference in the supply chain industry?

RMG was pleased to speak at the conference as well as exhibit how we can help today’s supply chain executive with one of their biggest issues — Supply Chain Visibility. As RMG’s Vice President Supply Chain Solutions, I was excited to share how Intelligent Visual Communications can impact productivity, employee morale and engagement, safety, quality and more.

Through the use of real-time visual scoreboards on the manufacturing, distribution or fulfillment center floor — all employees can see how we are doing right now in taking care of the number one priority — the customer. Hey, it’s like having an Uber app at your fingertips — instead it’s not about checking to determine how quick my driver will show, but how quickly can I make another customer happy.

RMG is a global leader providing intelligent visual solutions that drive business results. We specialize in visual supply chain solutions that give managers and employees real-time visibility of workforce productivity. Visit our website to learn more about how our supply chain solutions can boost your supply chain performance and efficiency.

About the Author: Kerwin Everson is Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions for RMG. His goal is to educate companies on the value of visualizing real-time performance management. Connect with Kerwin on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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