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The workplace is changing. The way that technology brings people together in our personal lives has made a huge impact on how we do business – even within our own organizations.

Some companies have moved away from the classic office model to office hoteling  — where employees reserve workspace on an as-needed basis, giving them more flexibility and helping their employers create more cost effective workspaces.


But the larger the company, the more complicated the office hoteling process becomes. With dozens or even hundreds of workspaces to manage, the need for an intelligent visual solution becomes paramount.

One of the top 10 U.S. telecommunication providers challenged RMG Networks to manage its office hoteling process and said, “Oh by the way, we need it to have a messaging feature, we need it to integrate with our email and scheduling database, and we need it to provide card swipe and keyboard logins.”

Our response? The RMG Networks Office Hoteling Reservation System.

Our solution combines an easy-to-use application with the latest touchscreen technology, giving employees a bird’s eye view of available workspace and allowing them to easily and quickly reserve their areas. And with an intuitive and familiar user interface, employees are able to locate and message each other for improved workforce productivity.

For more information on the RMG Networks Office Hoteling system, download our Business Solutions brief or contact us today.

Download our Office Hoteling Solution document.

About the Author:
Paul Shwabe is a Business Consultant, Strategic Deployments for RMG Networks. He has 25 years experience in sales leadership and business consulting. Follow Paul on Twitter @paulshwabe or connect on LinkedIn.

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