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The adoption of any new technology or program for your business starts with one question: what is it going to cost? You have to consider not only the setup costs but the ongoing expenses as well. If the new initiative fails to bring benefits that outweigh those costs, your business is wasting money.

Digital signage provides innovative communications solutions for your business that have concrete environmental savings and proven ROI. Now that makes it easy to be green!

Reduced Paper Costs
American workers still use a shocking amount of paper. Estimates show that the average worker consumes greater than 10,000 sheets of copy paper a year. That’s more than one tree per person. On the whole, American companies use more than 3.7 million tons of paper each year, which is roughly 89 million trees! Much of the paper is used for interoffice memos or notices. Imagine the amount of money your company can save, not to mention the number of trees, if this messaging was delivered through digital signs instead of paper memos.


Decreased Printing Costs
A Citigroup-Environmental Defense study detailed the printing habits of American companies and discovered that between the wear and tear on the printer, material, and utility costs, companies spend $.06 to $.13 per page to print materials. That translates into the average employee spending between $600 and $1300 a piece on printing. In some cases, this amount exceeds up to 3% of a company’s annual revenue. Digital signage solutions won’t completely eradicate your office printing needs, but the reduction will have a substantial impact on your general ledger.

Real-time Promotion Updates
Restaurants and retailers understand the time and inconvenience required to offer different items or scheduling promotions at different times of the day or week. Changing the menu from breakfast to lunch, updating the product promotions and adjusting prices sacrifices valuable man-hours. Digital signage solutions eliminate much of the manual process by delivering the information to all locations in real time. Some signage solutions take it one step further by integrating intelligence into their systems. Is it raining? The system can trigger a promotion on umbrellas. No more waiting on corporate to print and mail promotional signs!

Staff Savings
Businesses using printed materials require graphic designers, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates make an average of $46,000 a year, to create signage. With today’s new digital signage software, any employee could potentially be a content creator; no specialized training is required. This allows the designers on your staff to focus on tasks that require a greater level of skill and allows for your signage to be updated more frequently to boost both internal and consumer engagement.

Increased Productivity
Research demonstrates that disengaged employees produce far less than their engaged counterparts. Fully engaged employees are up to 300 percent more efficient and are more likely to exceed expectations. Digital signage solutions create a culture of engagement that builds morale through employee recognition and improved communication.

In addition to these five benefits, digital signs may cost less to operate than you think and running them on a screen control schedule helps regulate the cost.

Low Digital Signage Operating Costs
Do you know the difference between leaving a digital display on 24 hours a day versus 12 hours or even eight hours a day? Let’s talk about it. According to Pacific Power, the national commercial average power cost is 10.71 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). Using a variety of commercial grade Sharp monitors ranging from 32″ to 80″, there is an average power usage of 0.172 kWh. This translates into 44 cents to run a display for 24 hours. That’s a total yearly cost of $161.37, or a little more than $13 a month. If you only operate your digital signs during working hours (say a 12-hour day), the cost drops to less than $7 a month, which can add up to significant savings based on the number of screens. Dropping the display time to eight hours a day reduces the cost even further to just over $4 a month. Running your signage only during work hours can also provide a considerable savings in screen life and a longer time before monitor replacement is needed.

Automated Savings with Screen Control
Intelligent digital signage systems offer the ability to automate the process of screen control to recognize cost savings. You can set all your screens to a specific schedule, such as in our example above of 12 or 8 hours a day instead of 24 hours, or control just one individual screen. You can also automatically schedule your screens to only display during the work week instead of weekends and holidays. Either way, you’re saving money.

Digital signage solutions are not only a clean and sophisticated way to communicate with employees and consumers, they also save your business money and benefit the environment.

RMG NetworksTM has developed intelligent visual solutions designed to enhance communication, and the eco-economy for over 35 years. To learn more about how digital signs can benefit your business or how you can utilize screen control for your displays, contact us today. It will save you in the long run.

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Andrew Nelson works at RMG Networks as a Senior Business Application Engineer. Providing excellent product and applications customer support, he specializes in unifying enterprise visual solutions. Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn.

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