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Being new to the concept of speed dating meetings, I discovered my new passion for meeting like-minded business people for a 15 minute discovery session about challenges and possible solutions.


At the annual Richmond Supply Chain Forum in Whittlebury Hall, I had the chance to quickly learn what keeps supply chain managers from various industries awake at night.I had geared up for conversations around topics you would expect like –

  • Managing stock availability and associated cost
  • Speed of delivery to consumers and partner networks
  • Six Sigma and Lean methods for eliminating defects and reduction of waste
  • Performance reporting

Supply Chain Performance Reporting

However, I was slightly surprised to talk mostly about employee engagement/well-being and safety communications. Not to mention, challenges with communicating company initiatives throughout the organisation and providing transparency for workers within distribution and manufacturing alike.

Interestingly, a lot of companies realise that any new improvement initiative is highly dependent on how their employees execute the transition. Translating new complicated processes and ever-changing data to meaningful real-time information is a big challenge.


Even though these topics seem to be at the top of supply chain directors and managers agendas, the thought of starting a complex project alongside other initiatives was a concern at first. But finding out that visual communications solution implementations, that empower staff who do not have permanent access to a PC with meaningful information, can happen in just a few weeks, rather than many months or even years was a welcome relief.

Speed dating? Count me in.

Learn about RMG NetworksTM  and our Visual Supply Chain solution by downloading the Real-Time Performance Management with Digital Signage white paper or by contacting us today. 

Supply Chain White Paper

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