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symon and manhattan associatesIn the Supply Chain Management Software market, several names stand out among the rest. Manhattan Associates does more than help its customers manage their supply chains — it is “optimizing” them.

RMG Enterprise Solutions (formerly Symon Communications) recently became a Manhattan Value Partner in the software space. We have also been added to their Momentum, MANH US and MVP websites. We are an industry-leading, global provider of digital signage and real-time visual communications solutions. Through our meticulously designed technologies, processes and services, we facilitate the collection, synthesis, design, scheduling and distribution of digital content to a myriad of electronic displays. Our customers are on the forefront of informing, educating and influencing viewer behavior.

We were originally founded in 1980 as a provider of visual alerting technologies for data centers, but has since grown into a provider of comprehensive visual communications solutions to more than 7,500 customers worldwide. RMG Enterprise is proud to boast a client roster that includes nearly 70 percent of the Fortune 100 and almost 70 percent of the Fortune 500. Each day an estimated five million people view content delivered via 20,000 servers installed in client locations around the world.

We sell visual communications solutions to many market segments: contact centers, supply chains, corporate communications, hospitality, gaming, higher education and retail. The company holds either a #1 or #2 position in each of these segments. Our competitive advantage lies within its operating model, which offers customers a single point of accountability for the entire visual communication ownership experience. Our advantage also relies upon a state-of-the-art, fully-integrated and proven content management platform.

Our value proposition is centered on providing its customers with visual communications solutions that influence viewer behaviors by delivering information that is data/metrics-driven, timely, easy to interpret, visually engaging and intuitive to act upon.

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