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Corporate Communications is our business. So, of course, I am going to say it is important.

But aside from that for a minute, when I was at a seminar in London the other day, I was reminded about the true power of effective corporate communication.

You have to communicate the purpose. The objective. The goal. The end game. But more than that, you have to evangelise it. Preach it. Inspire employees to achieve it. Communication about the purpose has to be sustained, consistent, repetitive. In technology terms, I would say you need an omnichannel and multichannel approach to communicating the purpose.

Then, you need the plan. The route to the purpose. The “how” to the “what.” And you need to communicate the plan – omnichannel and multichannel.

Now, here’s the important bit… if you have effectively communicated the purpose, it is ok to change the plan if something happens to stall your progress. Your employees will follow you. Your redirection will be successful. You will still reach the end game. Achieve the objective. Win.

But if you haven’t defined and communicated the purpose and you change the plan? Chaos. Apathy. Disengagement. Distrust. Failure.

Let’s take a military example. The purpose is defined; “Hold that bridge”; “take that hill.” The plan is designed. Everyone gets on the helicopter and bails out at 10,000 ft. However, we land in the wrong field. But it’s ok – we defined the purpose. Hold that bridge. Take that hill. So we are a bit off course. We can make a new plan. Go a different way.

Corporate Communications Solutions

Imagine the example without the communicated purpose. We’ve landed in the wrong field. What shall we do now? I don’t know? I’m deflated. Disengaged. We failed.

Effective corporate communications is essential to convey the purpose of a business. Delivered correctly, corporate communications solutions attract, engage, inform and inspire employees towards the objective. The purpose. The goal. The vision.

It just so happens that at RMG NeworksTM we know a thing or two about how to achieve corporate communications solutions that inspires and engages employees. Our strength is communicating your vision.

Corporate Communications

For over 35 years, RMG Networks has been taking its customers on an evolutionary journey. A journey of intelligent visual communications used to influence behaviour, drive productivity and attract, inform and engage audiences. Contact us today to learn more about intelligent communication or download our white paper on Intelligent Digital Signage and Business Visualization.

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About the Author:
Martyn Barnett is Managing Director of the Eurasia Business for RMG Networks, with over 15 years of management and leadership experience. He directs all technical and operational functions of the EMEA operation across the UK, into Europe and Asia. Connect with Martyn on LinkedIn.

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