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As a retail professional, who is your greatest competitor?

You might think of a particular local rival or a brand whose arrival in your market could have serious implications. But to succeed in 2016 and beyond, retailers are focusing on one increasingly important competitor: Amazon.

According to The Street, Amazon was responsible for 51% of all U.S. retail growth in the fourth quarter of 2015. From large supermarkets to small boutiques, it’s time to decide how you can differentiate yourself.

What do you have that Amazon doesn’t?

In some ways, the e-commerce giant has a huge lead on, well, practically everyone. Selection, speed and convenience are all areas where even sound, established brands can have trouble.

But, there’s another dimension to retail performance: the customer experience. Every time a customer steps into your store, there’s an opportunity to engage with them and help find the great deals and selections they seek.

That experience, managed correctly, creates deep and lasting brand loyalty.

And when it comes to customer experience, your top competitor is yourself.

Retail Digital Signage

A New Way to Redefine the Customer Experience: Retail Digital Signage
Retail digital signage is a new and exciting way to achieve better customer experience while providing visitors with more opportunities to discover bargains that will be right for them.

Intelligent digital signage helps enhance in-store marketing and advertising efforts as soon as you press the power button. Let’s dive into what retail digital signage can do for you:

React to Micro-Trends Using Flash Sales
“Flash sales” are sales that go on for as little as a few minutes. These can raise interest in any category of product, including items that need to move fast for quality or inventory reasons. Flash sales are often perceived as a “reward” for shoppers, and digital signage is an ideal way to announce them in real time, targeted to certain stores, hours or shoppers.

Cut Time Spent on Shop Floor Reorganization
Rearranging a shop floor is a precise science designed to should boost efficiency and sales volume. Unfortunately lots of overhead goes into these changes including new signage. With intelligent digital signage, you can change your in-store messaging immediately with a few keystrokes.

Introduce New and Seasonal Deals
Retail digital signage provides customers with a great sense of discovery and excitement they might not get from paper mailers or an online banner. By catching their attention at the right moment, the digital display can prompt them to act – they don’t have to remember a deal or bring in a coupon.

Retail Digital Signage

Motivate Visitors to Engage in Loyalty Programs
Talking to customers about their loyalty program status is part of the checkout patter for thousands of retail associates around the U.S. – but customers often dread getting the “hard sell” on these programs. Digital signage avoids this awkwardness and potentially tense encounter.

Reduce Perceived Waiting Times at Point-of-Sale
Waiting at the register is one of the biggest inconveniences for shoppers. Sure, they may make some impulsive buys waiting in line, but goodwill quickly fades as the wait drags. Clear signage with compelling content gives your visitors something else to focus on besides checkout speed.

Retail Digital Signage: A Unique Advantage, Low Ownership Costs
Retail brands around the country are working to adapt to customers’ changing needs. Intelligent digital signage refreshes your in-store experience and engages your customers without the expense of making big physical changes to your store. That means better customer sentiment and higher sales no matter your niche.

RMG NetworksTM provides retail visual solutions to capture consumer attention and influence purchase behavior. These intelligent digital displays give you the ability to tailor messages, such as the latest products and current promotions to a targeted audience.

RMG Networks has provided customized digital signage solutions to top retail brands for over 35 years. For more information, contact us today or download our market sheet on intelligent retail digital signage.

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