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During the recent Supply Chain Forum at Whittlebury Hall, well organised by the team at Richmond Events, the engaging opening keynote speech was given by John Amaechi. At its core, Amaechi’s theme included emotional connection and specific, timely communication. Following the meetings held throughout the Supply Chain Forum, key topics became evident around this core, best summarised as:

The Three C’s of Supply Chain: Customer Service, Communication and Conversation

Customer Service
From a manufacturing and supply chain perspective, when the topic of customer service was discussed, many of the conversations naturally touched upon latency of relevant information and that communication of early warning signals of possible problems was of paramount importance. This meant getting timely visualisation to the correct people in a position to take corrective actions at the point of impact and keep customer service levels maintained at the least possible cost.Real-time Data VisualizationTypical structures of supply chain data needed were common from a wide variety of industries. For example, “Visual Management” for warehouses A, B and C with the possibility for:

  • A command centre display (directors dashboard) showing overall performance and real-time supply chain KPIs for the group
  • Display boards showing the performance for warehouses  A, B and C
  • Digital displays showing specific line, area and cell performance within each distribution centre
  • The ability for employees to see individual performance on a PC or mobile device

Supply Chain Command

Another of the key themes from the event was the importance of employee engagement and how to create and maintain an emotional connection. Specific, timely employee communication has the potential to enhance this emotional connection, increasing both employee productivity and employee engagement.

Most of the delegates were also interested to discover that Visual Management solutions providing productivity information could also utilise the very same digital signage boards to share employee communications and key safety messages – depending on how they chose to configure the system. They were even more interested to learn that content could be managed centrally and locally, with less than a day’s training, providing a low cost of ownership from both a financial and internal resource perspective.

The light-hearted, relaxed environment of the Supply Chain Forum event was conducive to meaningful business conversations with both delegates and vendors. Another type of conversation: conversations that can be prompted within production and supply chains by having Visual Management information displayed on digital signage screens. Displaying real-time metrics on digital signage fosters conversations and a collaborative spirit to experience a measurable improvement in productivity and efficiency, rather than isolated individuals slouched over their personal computers.

Many thanks to everyone we met and who chose to attend the RMG presentation.

Learn more about RMG NetworksTM and our Visual Supply Chain solution by downloading the Real-Time Performance Management with Digital Signage white paper or by contacting us today.

Supply Chain White Paper

About the Author:

Trevor Long is a Business Development Director for Supply Chain Solutions for RMG Networks’ EMEA operations. Trevor has over 20 years’ experience in providing strategic solutions to simply compelling information for businesses. Connect with Trevor on LinkedIn.

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