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The effectiveness of your contact center can have a direct impact on the health and profitability of your company. Whether you want to maximize productivity with data visualization or increase revenue with real-time performance management, you’ll benefit significantly from applying call center best practices. Here are ten of the most important best practices you should put in place as soon as possible.

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  1. Hire the best people
    Know what you’re looking for in new employees and hire people who possess those characteristics and abilities. Evaluate potential new hires at the earliest stages and maintain evaluation through all stages of recruiting and hiring. Give potential employees sample tasks to test their abilities.
  2. Maintain consistent communication with employees
    Communicate with employees at all levels, from the greenest new recruit to the most seasoned veteran on your staff. Use effective employee communications to establish rapport and make new staff feel at ease. Talk with seasoned employees to get their perspective and suggestions on call center operations. Reduce employee turnover by reinforcing employees’ values and by keeping your staff engaged with contact center solutions using dynamic digital signage displays.
  3. Provide opportunities for training and advancement
    Give new hires the training they need to succeed. Make critical information, such as company policies and procedures, available at all times in employee handbooks or on the company website. Provide opportunities for more senior employees to hone their skills and earn advancement into other positions.
  4. Provide easy access to important operational data
    Provide instant access to important operational data via digital signage, desktop or mobile data dashboards, or other appropriate feedback mechanisms. Being able to get feedback on performance, quotas, or other call center KPI data allows employees to make adjustments to better reach goals.
  5. Give employees some autonomy
    Provide the information and training necessary to allow employees to handle some situations on their own. From taking care of minor technical issues to making decisions on how to take care of customers, a certain level of autonomy will make your employees feel trusted, respected, and valued.
  6. Ensure managers are willing to step in when needed
    Make sure that managers and line supervisors know they are expected to help with calls and customer interactions when needed. This helps maintain efficiency and customer service and also improves employee relations by showing that managers will “step up” if necessary.
  7. Create a relaxed yet professional work environment
    Handling customer calls one after another can be stressful. Strive to create a work environment that is as relaxed as possible while maintaining the professionalism needed to effectively handle customer interactions.
  8. Monitor calls
    Have your managers occasionally monitor calls to ensure customer-centered contact center best practices are being followed. Listen in on calls to gauge employee performance and ensure critical metrics and outcomes are being reached.
  9. Understand what customers need when they call
    Take the time to determine some of the more common customer needs and what customers will most often require when they call. You can’t predict what any particular call will be about, but knowing the general possibilities in depth will improve response time and quality.
  10. Reduce or eliminate wait times
    Do everything possible to eliminate wait times for customers. Give agents immediate access to important information, such as customer history, so that they don’t have to dig for the information or hand the call off to someone else. Establish standards such as a goal time for agents to get back to a customer after being put on hold.


The most effective call center best practices can increase productivity, raise profitability, and boost employee morale. RMG NetworksTM can help to improve your contact center process with intelligent visual solutions customized to meet the needs of your operations. 


Contact us today for more help with identifying and applying the call center best practices that keep your center efficient and productive, or download our white paper on real-time performance management for contact centers.

Real-Time Performance Management for Contact Center

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