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Back when you were learning your ABCs and 123s, how big was your elementary school? It might’ve seemed big, but odds are good it wasn’t really large enough for you to get lost. But schools have changed significantly in just a few years. A 2014 study showed both class size and grade sizes are growing fast.

It’s the same story in higher education. In fall 2013, undergrad enrollment increased 46%, by 5.5 million students, compared to 1990. As the population grows and more people seek educational opportunities, institutions are bound to get bigger and your challenge to communicate with them gets even greater. These campus environments – meant to prepare young adults for the future – can be surprisingly complex and sprawling facilities where administrators, professors and other faculty are challenged to communicate quickly and effectively.

What’s the solution to this communication challenge for higher education? Enter intelligent digital signage.

Intelligent digital signage is about improving efficiency and quality – quality of decision-making based on the latest information, and quality of life for people living on college campuses.

Let’s look at some of the ways school signage makes a difference in campus communication.

School Signage Helps Stop Campus Confusion
The art and science of using digital signage to help people get where they’re going fast is called wayfinding. But wayfinding isn’t just about putting up a big sign somewhere everyone can see it and calling it a day. Except on the road, people usually aren’t on the lookout for helpful signage. (Sometimes not even then! But I digress.) However, digital signs have been proven to capture attention 400 percent more than static signs and can be interactive to provide directions and location information. 

School Signage

Delivering Important Announcements
News happens and getting it to students fast can be important. Everything from canceled classes to game winning scores can be displayed on your digital signage. The right announcement at the right moment can save time and raise student and staff sentiment.

Warning Students and Others of Danger
Modern colleges are living and learning communities made up of a diverse group of individuals – and safety is a bigger factor than ever. When weather conditions change or crime strikes, alerting your community quickly can go a long way in keeping your campus family secure.

Personalizing the Visitor Experience
More than any other enterprise, colleges and universities depend on a positive visitor experience to expand and thrive. Even if your campus has thousands of tours yearly, school signage makes it easy to provide a smooth and memorable experience.

Publicizing Libraries and Dining Halls
When schedules change, students don’t always find out in a timely fashion. No matter whether it’s exam season, winter break or graduation, good signage is a highly engaging way to make sure important day-to-day information spreads quickly.

Connecting With the Community
Strong community connections help students become engaged citizens. Signage can be a great way to get students out of the dorms and into the streets to do good in the local area. Just use your school signs to advertise current volunteer opportunities.

For Greater Student Engagement, Keep Your Eyes on the Signs
Students don’t always pay attention to old-fashioned paper communication – and even auto-calls, emails or text alerts might go unnoticed for days. Good digital signage is backed by real data about the foot traffic patterns on campus and the kind of engaging messaging that gets students’ attention.

Digital Signage for Colleges

The Cool Factor
Higher education digital signage ensures maximum impact, minimal investment and a more informed campus community. But even beyond those benefits, digital signs for schools provide for a modern, appealing atmosphere. Young adults are used to getting their information from the latest technology source. Your university will only benefit from embracing digital communication to reach your audience with your important messages.

The applications for digital signage on college campuses are limitless, and the potential benefits go beyond even what’s listed here. Your unique needs are the key!

When it comes to intelligent digital signage solutions, RMG NetworksTM is a market leader. We’ve worked with large public universities, small private colleges and everything in between. Contact us today to discuss your communication needs and strategy. You might just make your campus a bit cooler in the process.

Higher Education Digital Signage Market Sheet

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