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Spend time on any college campus and you’ll see notices everywhere. They’re on bulletin boards, light poles, tabletops, and more likely than not, they’re littering the ground. Flyers and paper handouts have long been the preferred method of communicating college information because you can place paper notices anywhere a student or faculty member might pass; however, most of the time these attempts at communicating information falls on blind eyes.

It doesn’t matter if the information comes from an individual student or from the administration, the sheer volume of material means most messages get lost. Even as campuses have embraced email messaging to improve communication, students and faculty soon face the same problem: too many messages.

Higher Education Digital Signage

Administrators want the best possible experience for their students and faculty, and that means keeping students and staff informed about campus opportunities and issues important to their lives. Digital signage solutions overcome many of the obstacles faced by traditional messaging techniques by broadcasting engaging and dynamic information to everyone on campus, and in some instances, generating advertising revenue for the university.

There are three areas where digital signage can make an immediate impact on communication for higher education.

Interactive Maps
Bewildering, giant maps have been an essential landmark on the grounds of nearly every college in the United States since the founding of Harvard in 1693. These maps serve their purpose if the campus only has half a dozen buildings, but the effectiveness of the maps diminish rapidly when there are dozens of locations. Students and visitors may have a hard time finding where they are on the map and can take several minutes to sort through the list of buildings to find where they need to go.

An interactive digital signage kiosk eliminates the problem of ineffective maps by giving viewers search options, simple menus and directions to their destination. The digital signs work just as well in administrative buildings, allowing students to pinpoint the admissions or financial aid office in seconds.

Vital Information
Every semester there are dates that all students needs to have circled. The class drop date, application deadlines, final exam schedules, football games and many more dates crowd the academic calendar. Most students don’t know those dates by heart and often miss them. Higher education digital signage provides constant reminders about approaching deadlines and prompts students to act.

In addition, digital signage conveys important alerts to students and faculty in real time. Knowing that the next class is canceled avoids a manic sprint across campus, while weather alerts can provide reminders to bring an umbrella on a potentially rainy day. Safety notices can provide reminders to denote a designated driver after a party or big game win.

Student Engagement
About half of the college experience occurs inside the classroom; the rest of the experience comes from involvement in campus groups or activities. Unfortunately, most students don’t know of all the campus groups to explore, so they lose out on the fullness of college life.

With digital signs you increase the level of student engagement by providing groups on campus a ubiquitous platform to spread their message. The signs remove a primary barrier to advertising for the groups, namely the cost of printing and distributing paper handouts. Administrators can use the platform to promote the university’s social groups, college bookstore specials, athletic events and even advertise local retailers to generate supplementary revenue. All of this information piques the interest of students and drives them to become more engaged with the community on campus.

For college campuses, digital signage is an efficient and cost effective way to inform students and build a vibrant campus community. All of these efforts come together to enhance the student experience to deliver a better education.


RMG NetworksTM provides a number of intelligent visual solutions designed to enhance the campus experience. To learn more about our digital signage for higher education, visit our website or contact us today.

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