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For decades, digital technology has waged war on traditional products. Digital cameras have replaced the 35mm. Digital film has replaced movie reels. E-readers have even replaced books. Now, digital signage is replacing message boards, flyers and posters in companies all over the world, leading to the question: “What is digital signage?”

What is Digital Signage

Digital signs are dynamic displays which businesses and organizations utilize for both internal and external facing communication. The digital signs are controlled from a server where content is uploaded, allowing messaging updates in real time through a connection to the Internet or proprietary network.

Digital displays can be as large as billboards or as small as a postcard, and are limited only by your message.

Most companies find their digital signs fulfill one of four general roles.

Contact centers, warehouses and traditional business environments rely heavily on internal communications to be efficient and productive.

Using digital signage, critical data is delivered in real time and displayed in a manner that is easily analyzed. Leaderboards show how employees are performing to their individual and team goals for increased productivity. Workplace safety reminders, product and promotion information, and HR notices can also be highlighted for increased employee engagement. Finally, businesses are introducing gamification to foster competition between employees to improve teamwork and efficiency.

Digital Signage with Gamification

When visitors arrive somewhere unfamiliar, they often look to the nearest map of the facility for information. Some businesses furnish printed maps and other pertinent guest information, but printed materials have disadvantages. Besides being a recurring expenses, printed signage is out-of-date the minute it is printed, and at the sacrifice of a poor tree!

Digital kiosks provide customers up-to-date visual information to further engage guests. Interactive screens, let’s say on a college campus or healthcare facility, offer visitors simple options to pinpoint locations or get directions to their destination.

An advertising platform is perhaps the most obvious use of a digital sign. It allows retail businesses a better method to announce daily specials or product information than a printed sign on a shelf. Bright displays with moving images and graphics attract the consumer’s attention in ways static advertising cannot. In fact, according to Nielsen research, 80% of brands experienced a significant increase of up to 33% in additional sales through the use of digital signage.

Advertising isn’t limited to retail, though. Many businesses use digital signs to drive awareness and incremental revenue of services. Car rental chains, for example, can utilize the advertising power of their digital displays to promote specials and easily change daily rates according to the campaign.



Waiting in the lobby at the doctor’s office or in line at the bank can slow the perception of time and quickly change one’s mood once that boredom feeling emerges.

Unlike outdated, torn magazines in a hospital waiting room that nobody reads, digital displays captivate the consumer with branded messaging and other information like tips on health and nutrition, headline news and current local weather. Wherever a long wait is routine, digital signs offers consumers an engaging and often calming distraction.

In the end, perhaps the question shouldn’t be “what is digital signage,” but “what can digital signage communicate?” As more businesses adopt this evolving technology, the answer to the second question might become “everything.”

RMG NetworksTM has provided intelligent visual solutions designed to enhance communication for over 35 years and works with 70% of the Fortune 100. To learn more about how digital signs can benefit your business, download our white paper on intelligent digital signage or contact us today.

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