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When I was in college, one of my Economics professors made us recite the definition of economics before we started every class. I’m sure he would be proud to know that I can still recite it verbatim to this day: Economics is the allocation of scarce resources among alternating and competing ends.

Resolution Messaging

I think we can all relate to this definition of economics in our work life. There are many demands on our time that need attention, but only so many hours in the day to get things done. Your contact center staff depends on you for guidance, but you are often unavailable due to meetings or other projects. 

What if you had a way to guide your agents proactively so they knew what needed to be accomplished and the priority without having to come to you and ask? There is, and it’s called Resolution Messaging. 

Resolution messaging uses digital signage along with mobile and desktop dashboards to reach employees anywhere, anytime with messages that require immediate action. Even better, the “actions” can be triggered by real-time data that is collected and filtered to the key performance indicators most important for your business. 

The key to resolution messaging is the ability to display actions rather than numbers. For example, as part of a contact center’s omnichannel communications, agents are often tasked with opening emails from customers. If the number of emails unopened builds to a high level, an urgent message can flash on the contact center’s digital signage alerting all available agents to log in and answer customer emails. Or, with a desktop dashboard, the message can be personalized and flashed just to certain individuals. 

Resolution Messaging

There are four main features of resolution messaging that make it impactful on influencing agent behavior:

  • The messaging is proactive. As in the unopened emails example above, resolution messaging is proactive and displays in real time. Instead of being unsure how to focus their time, the messages enable staff with tasks that align with strategic management objectives. As needs change throughout the day, the resolution messaging changes as well.
  • The messaging displays specific actions. Agents need visibility into their personal and team metrics, and how they are performing in real time. However, resolution messaging takes it one step further to displays actions that need to be taken immediately in addition to only numbers for greater efficiency. 
  • The messaging eliminates downtime. When support staff has free time, it’s important they are still productive and helping contribute to the call center’s performance goals. Resolution messaging takes the guess work out of what should be done next by advising agents on specific tasks to improve productivity.
  • The messaging aligns staff with business objectives. With resolution messaging, everyone is aware and focused on achieving the important goals outlined for the contact center. With this clear communication, manager time is freed to work on other tasks. 

RMG NetworksTM offers resolution messaging as one of the features of our Intelligent Contact Center visual solutions. Contact us today or request a free digital signage demo to see how resolution messaging can impact your business productivity and efficiency.

Real-Time Performance Management for Contact Center

About the Author:
Julie Rasco is Director of Marketing for RMG Networks and has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and sales. Her passion is to be part of the future of marketing while contributing to the bottom line today. Connect with Julie on LinkedIn.

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