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This past May, Hotels.com took to Twitter to find out what U.S. travelers want most of our their hotel stays. Using the #GuestCensus hashtag, they compiled all of the responses (which I’m sure was a tricky task) and created the infographic that follows. 

No shocker is that the #1 rated hotel amenity is free Wi-Fi. It’s become such an expectation that when travelers are asked to pay, it can become a negative stay experience. A recent Hotelchatter report shared that only two-thirds of hotels provide free Wi-Fi to guests. 

When it came to hotel services, it surprised me that shuttle services and room service ranked as the top expected and desired by guests. I rarely use a hotel suttle service because I need a rental car when I travel but I can see where it is helpful. And room service is not a big talking point in the hospitality industry. Last month, New York City’s largest hotel announced it was ending room service. Their logic makes sense, but it will be interesting to see if guests’ expectations will win out. 

And room features, it’s a little disappointing that most didn’t focus on technology in the room. I want numerous outlets, connection options, communication with my devices, etc. But it seems like most guests just want a mini-fridge and bigger towels. 

For those who do travel quite a bit for business and/or pleasure, what are your expecations when checking into your favorite hotels?


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