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There’s no oil to change in a digital signage system like there is in a car, but the concept of digital signage maintenance is no less important. Without maintenance, the performance of digital signage will gradually degrade until the system becomes useless, uninformative, or even a burden because of how poorly it works. Keep your digital signage system in tip-top shape and it won’t “leave you stranded” when it fails to work properly.

Digital Signage Care is Crucial
With proper digital signage care, you’ll get the most out of the investment you’ve made. You want to be able to count on your signage to distribute messages and information consistently and reliably. Proper maintenance extends the life of the system, keeping it a viable and useful tool for a significant amount of time.


Signs of Digital Signage Neglect
If you neglect digital signage maintenance in your business, it won’t take long for the results of that neglect to surface. You’ll be plagued by problems such as:

  • Malfunctioning systems: Your digital signage system simply won’t work like it should. In some cases, it might not work at all. Screens may go blank (which is a particularly obvious and embarrassing problem in multi-screen displays) and new messages may not display properly.
  • Outdated hardware and software: Outdated hardware and software limit you from using the newest technologies available to get the best out of your digital signage systems.
  • Stale old messages: Digital signage maintenance includes keeping your content up to date. If readers see the same message consistently crossing your screens, they will eventually start to ignore it. With proper digital signage maintenance and dynamic content, you can strengthen your brand, your message, and your voice more effectively.

Five Important Areas of Digital Signage Maintenance
Keep operations running smoothly by focusing on five areas essential to your business:

  1. Software maintenance: Upgrade and update the software that runs your digital signage system. The newest system software allows you to run the latest signage programs and improves system security. Maintenance should include the removal of outdated and unnecessary files and updates to network security systems.
  2. Hardware maintenance: Digital signage hardware also becomes outdated, but regular maintenance will help it last longer. Regularly check hardware and wiring for damage caused by gravity, accidents, or rodents. Inspect wires and cables for frayed insulation, loose connections, or burns.
  3. Cleaning: The accumulation of dust and debris can affect the performance of your digital signage system. Dirty screens, for example, are harder to read, and an obvious coating of dust on the screen gives the impression that you don’t care about the system. Dust can also clog data ports, interfere with internal components, and cause problems with overheating. Screens, cables, and players should be regularly cleaned, and a full-scale cleaning involving dismantling the system should be scheduled at least once a year.
  4. Cooling: Digital signage systems can overheat, and if they get too hot, interior electronics may be destroyed. Particular care should be taken for outdoor systems, since temperatures outside can fluctuate significantly. Ensure cooling systems, such as fans or air conditioners, are cleaned and are working properly.
  5. Content maintenance: Keeping fresh and interesting content on your digital signage system is a constant area of maintenance, but it is vitally important if you want your digital signage to remain relevant. Update your content regularly – daily if needed – based on your purposes and needs.

Keep your digital signage system properly maintained and protect your investment with RMG CareTM software maintenance. RMG Networks has the expertise to provide the digital signage support you need. Contact us today to find out more about maintaining and updating your digital signage.

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