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Digital signs are everywhere from the expressway to the supermarket express lane. It’s no wonder companies in all industries have adopted this medium of communication. Digital signage is vibrant, modern and has been proven to capture attention.

But today’s businesses need more than just an eye-catching display. Many are now realizing the value beyond basic digital signage and are turning toward intelligent signage.

What is intelligent digital signage? It’s similar to standard digital signs in that you still have content, a screen and digital signage software. However, the software is smarter. Think of your digital signage software as the brains of your signage operation. Wouldn’t you rather have the smartest system available?

Digital Signage Software

Intelligent digital sign software collects all the data that you use and track on a routine basis. It then aggregates, collates and filters the data to provide you with the most important information in the format most beneficial for you and on the device of your choosing.

And here’s the kicker — it provides all this information in real time.

No more waiting for a status report to be printed or for HR to update internal communication signage. You have the data you need at your fingertips. And, the digital signage software can be configured to alert you when a metric fall out of your predetermined range. Imagine the possibilities this would have on your efficiency and your staff’s productivity!

Let’s look at a few examples by industry: 

  • Contact Centers / Call Centers. By definition, contact centers have several key performance indicators that they constantly track to provide the best customer service possible. Digital solutions for contact centers display these stats in real time such as calls in queue, longest call waiting and average speed to answer. Are your customers waiting too long on hold? Then you put more agents on the phones. Is your digital signage monitoring your social media and alerting you of a possible product problem? The sooner you know, the sooner you can have a resolution.

Contact Center Digital Signage

  • Fortune 500. Employees feel valued when recognized publicly for their accomplishments. Intelligent digital signage software can tap into your CRM software like Salesforce or SharePoint and automatically display your internal communication such as top performing salespeople for the month, staff birthdays and anniversaries, or how many have completed open enrollment. Maybe you have a company fitness challenge — you could display the number of step of each participant or team.  
  • Supply Chain / LogisticsFor supply chain operations, it’s important to have real-time data visualization at the execution level. Logistics includes several source of data feeds (WMS, LMS, TMS, WCS and more) that track and monitor productivity of pickers and packers. Making this data available and easily viewable can help efficiency and increase productivity on the production line and the loading dock. 

Supply Chain Digital Signage

  • Retail. Retail is one of the most predominate industries for digital signage, using it as part of their omnichannel marketing campaigns. Intelligent digital signage takes the benefits of retail signage one step further. For example, if there are too many winter coats in the warehouse, a sale can be triggered to show a percentage off at the point of purchase. Is it starting to rain outside? Alert customers what aisle they can find umbrellas and rain boots.
  • Hospitality. Hotels, resorts, casinos, convention centers and restaurants share some similar signage needs. They strive for an enhance guest experience, where intelligent digital signage can play a part for both front of house and back of house operations. Catering and event management software can be accessed to automatically display welcome and wayfinding signage. Self-service check-ins and digital concierges can free up staff resources while promoting onsite amenities. Menu boards can change prices and items based on time of day or seasonality.  

Hotel Digital Signage

  • Financial Services. From mortgage rates and interest rates to underwriting and claims, keeping track of real-time financial metrics is critical to both consumers and financial institutions. As rates change, digital signage software can automate the change be displayed on all signs immediately.    

These are just a few examples of how important it is to have not only digital signage but intelligent signage. How does your business utilize the capabilities of your digital signage software? 

RMG NetworksTM specializes in intelligent digital signage software. Let our team of experts help you configure a smart solution for your business that will save you time and money. For more information, download our white paper on the benefits of intelligent digital signage or contact us today. 

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About the Author:
Julie Rasco is Director of Marketing for RMG Networks and has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and sales. Her passion is to be part of the future of marketing while contributing to the bottom line today.

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