Attract Attention
with Headline News

Keep content fresh with automated and compelling headline news
updated throughout the day.

An engaged workforce can boost productivity up to 20 percent.

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Easy and Automatic Updates to Your Content

Make life a little easier for your internal or external communications team with content that is automatically updated and scheduled
based on company preferences.

Entertain, Engage, and Inform Audiences

Several studies and surveys have revealed that employees who are enthusiastic about their careers feel valued by and connected to their organization. Employees who are engaged are more committed and more dedicated to achieving overall company goals, resulting in more innovation, more productivity, and more revenue.

At RMG, employee engagement is a top priority which is why we offer OnTarget News — content services specifically developed to boost engagement.

Why News

Join the thousands of customers who depended on OnTarget News for automatic and daily updates throughout the year.

Promote a high-end look for your company through compelling visual displays.

Allow RMG to manage the hassle of licensing intellectual ownership.

Rest assured that your content will be suitable for your audiences and not include sensitive or inflammatory topics.

Modify content such as weather by specific airport code or zip code, and choose headlines for the U.S., Canada or international news.

Vary the mix and frequency of news content based on your organization’s needs and interests.

Capture Attention with a Broad Selection of Content Categories

Lessen Perceived Wait Times

Did you know that news content displayed on customer-facing digital signage decreases perceived wait times? News categories such as business, sports, weather, entertainment, and industry updates inform, entertain, and engage employees and visitors with content that is timely
and relevant.

Frequently updated and easy-to-read headlines, as well as high-impact visuals, are designed to capture attention. The benefit goes beyond entertaining your audience. Having their attention provides a convenient opportunity to push content that communicates your company’s brand, mission, and corporate message.

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More About Headline News

Dynamic Digital Content

In addition to our 13 news categories, weather, stocks, and flight schedules, you can also entertain audiences with over 100 optional ticker news feeds.

Engaging Headline News

Timely and relevant news headlines frequently
and automatically updated several times throughout the day. Attract attention with stunning
photographic images and easy-to-read news stories.

Weather, Stocks, Flights

Screen space is dedicated to local weather, stocks, flight information, and more. Keep audiences informed with content that is relevant
and necessary.

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