Benefits of a Visual External Communications Solution

RMG delivers high-impact visuals that communicate your brand and sets your clientele at ease while navigating through the buyer’s journey or through your facility. With a variety of attention-grabbing enterprise solutions fit for use in lobbies, store fronts, or in any customer-facing environment, trust RMG for intelligent visual communications.

Capture Attention

Draw greater attention with dynamic and compelling visual messages designed to smartly promote and increase incremental sales.

Boost Your Brand

Make a lasting impression on prospective clients with professionally designed interactive visuals that communicate your brand in a compelling and memorable way.

Make Messages More Engaging

Encourage customers to spend more time in your store with engaging and immersive visual experiences that help guide customers through their buyer’s journey.

Influence Decisions

Influence purchasing decisions with real-time, POS system reports and inventory databases to send the right message to customers at the right time.

Improve Experience

Help visitors navigate your facility with virtual concierge services and wayfinding kiosks that also broadcast consistent communications and
brand messaging.

Increase Revenue

Intelligently monitor and automatically change promotions based on inventory, weather, or time of day to increase revenue.

Capture Attention

Digital Signage Displays Come Alive

Smart signs display brilliant visuals, helping shoppers imagine themselves in those new clothes that have just gone sale or giving guests the sense of actually stepping into the hotel spa. In a corporate setting, vivid video presentations of a company’s products or community activities create a favorable and memorable impression of your business to visitors and guests.

“At Principal Hayley, it became apparent that there was growing requirement for digital signage across our hotels and conference venues. After evaluating a number of digital signage vendors, RMG really stood out to us as
‘best of breed”

– Principal Hayley

percent of customers are willing to pay more to have a better experience with
a company

percent increase in additional sales through the use of
digital signage

percent perceived wait time decrease through the use of digital signage

Strengthen Your Brand

All of the benefits of digital signage — capturing attention, building engagement, improving the onsite experience — combine to strengthen your brand and make your message more powerful. Using a digital medium gives a perception to visitors that a facility is sophisticated, up-to-date with technology, and concerned about its customers’ needs. These positive brand impressions help to retain customers. It also inspires guests to refer others and to write positive reviews on social media and other online platforms. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that the absence of digital signage may well produce the opposite effect — relying on old-fashioned posters, billboards, and other static print media may convey a brand is out of date and not keeping up
with technology.

More About External Communications

Exchange Information

External communication is just as important as internal communication. Communicate relevant information, either about your business or its products and services, directly to your external audience. Take advantage of RMG digital signage solutions and increase opportunities to effectively communicate your message, but also collect information between your business and prospective customers, visitors, guests, and more.

Improve Guest Experience

Better run your business by keeping external audiences in constant communication with state-of-the-art digital signage solutions. Improve guest and visitor experiences using immersive and interactive displays and point visitors in the right direction with wayfinding for easy navigation. Deliver messaging that facilitates cooperation, trust, and transparency between your organization and your audience.

Customized Messaging

Connect potential customers, visitors, and guests with every aspect of your organization. Uncover opportunities and engage audiences in meaningful ways with information that is necessary, engaging, and entertaining. Customize interactions based on time, location and the context of each engagement such as automating safety and inclement weather communication through data integration alerts. Overall, improve your company’s image and reputation with positive and relevant messages of experience, skill, and innovation distributed to all your viewers.

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