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Benefits of Using Hotel Digital Signage

Hotel visual solutions from RMG offer so much more than attractive visuals and simple information. With built-in intelligence, our enterprise digital signage system helps create an immersive experience, builds life-long customers, and encourages guests to stay a while longer.

Improve Guest Experiences

Display concierge services information and reliable navigation while boosting your property’s brand and appeal with communications, wayfinding, and promotions for a seamless customer experience.

Keep Visitors Informed

Aggregate relevant real-time information such as airline flight schedules, local weather, and much more into eye-catching broadcasts that capture guests’ attention and relieves dependence on staff.

Create a Modern Environment

Engage guests with compelling digital displays and visual art, plus news headlines, weather forecasts, and more to promote a sleek, modern look.

Drive a Consistent Message

Transform every display, large and small, into a visually compelling channel for promoting all that your facility has to offer with high-quality, targeted messages that upsell and cross-sell your restaurants, spas, and gift shops.

Encourage Customers for Life

Connect your customers to your brand with professionally designed, fully interactive visuals that communicate your brand message and create customers for life.

Leverage Existing Investments

Integrate seamlessly with third-party databases, such as event and catering management, for a consolidated visual solution including flat-panel HD video displays, menu boards, meeting room door displays and customized wayfinding kiosks.

Generate Incremental Revenue with Hotel Interior Signage

Visual displays of the property — meeting rooms, restaurants, pools, spas, beaches, guest rooms, and more — encourage guests to explore and spend more time, and more money, on site. Our high-resolution imagery and video delivery make your facility’s features, such as gifts shops and casinos, every bit as enticing and enjoyable as they are in real life.

Reach new heights in guest satisfaction with Korbyt Hospitality, solutions built to create stunning digital displays and immersive hotel experiences. Enhance the guest experience with customized, targeted messages designed to increase revenue.

Software and Hardware Solutions That Support Your Properties

Our team works closely with you to develop and implement digital signage solutions for your hospitality application that are fully customized to your organization, using the latest in hardware and communications software technology. After implementation, our customer service and technical teams are there to assist you with your solution in every way.

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More About Hotel Digital Signage

Offer State-of-the-art Digital Signs

When guests see displays that provide useful information and options available to them during their stay, they are happier and likely to spend more time on the property, return for another stay, encourage their friends and business associates to visit, and share their positive experiences on social media and by word of mouth. Investing in state-of-the-art hospitality signage from RMG makes your hotel more appealing and profitable.

Provide Superior Services

Travelers expect information to be on demand through electronic devices. To embrace this demand, hoteliers must provide guests with information they can’t get on their own. Visual signage helps travelers with concierge services and navigation throughout the hotel, while boosting the property’s brand and appeal.

Streamline Communications

Strategically place your signage where guests need it the most — in lobbies, elevator banks, conference centers and restaurants. You can even customize a TV channel in guest rooms to spotlight property amenities. These visual solutions relieve the burden on your staff by streamlining concierge services and providing details on local attractions, restaurants and theater tickets, along with flight times and weather delays.


Learn how digital signage can promote your property and both serve and entertain your guests while helping to generate additional hotel revenue.

Help visitors find their way with ease through your facility with visually engaging wayfinding displays.

Modernize guest experiences and enhance internal communications with our intelligent visual solutions.

Transform your internal communication strategies with our innovative digital solution for hotels.

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