Intelligent Contact Center

Intelligent Contact Center

Today’s call center managers are challenged to improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, retain agents and maintain morale. To accomplish these goals, you need current, real-time information — not data that’s hours, days or weeks old.

RMG Networks Call Center and Real-Time Metrics

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A real-time solution that seamlessly integrates with your systems

Improve performance through highly visible real-time metrics aggregated from your collected raw data and integrated with third-party systems. Our RMG Networks, formerly Symon Communications, Intelligent Contact Center solution seamlessly integrates with multiple platforms and data sources such as ACD, CRM, trouble ticketing and to give you the up-to-the-minute performance information you need.

Information when and where you need it

Improve agent productivity and knowledge, call center performance and profit margins with immediate information available when and where your staff needs it. Our data collectors gather real-time operational stats, filter key performance indicators and deliver information to motivate your staff and enable quick responses. Our solution lets you disseminate key performance indicators with data alert thresholds to large screens, desktops and mobile devices — allowing managers to take quick action anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of contact center visualization

Visualization facilitates fast, accurate response from your contact center team. Today, speed and accuracy are more important than ever before, because customers are conditioned to expect it. Thanks to mobile phones, tablets, 24/7/365 high-speed Internet access and high bars for service being set by online market leaders, customers and prospects expect immediate, thorough response. Anything less puts customers in jeopardy.

In addition to bolstering customer retention, contact center visualization allows contact centers to display real-time KPIs to the entire team, helping to nip problems in the bud and adjust workflow to accommodate ups and downs in activity. The more nimble your call center is, the more efficient and responsive it will be.

Furthermore, visual data centers are mobile data centers, enabling supervisors to work with personnel on the floor rather than be chained to their desktop monitors reviewing reports. Instead, supervisors can put out fires, conduct training and look for areas of improvement while staying connected to detailed, vital information.

Not only does visualization help supervisors, it has a positive and sometimes profound effect on staff morale. Nobody likes operating in the dark, and everybody likes a pat on the back. Visual communication systems from RMG enable employees to see how they are performing while they are performing. Getting immediate feedback on problems helps them make adjustments before they reach a critical stage. Getting immediate feedback on reaching an important goal keeps them eager to achieve the next one. In addition, real-time, visual communication communicates that your business is transparent — no hidden agendas. This in itself can be a huge factor in maintaining high morale and performance.

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Displays that make an impact on your team

Motivate employees with easy-to-read displays showing individual and team metrics — including calls waiting, average wait times and agents available.

Place your digital signage where it will have the most impact with your agents and managers — on large HDTVs, LED wallboards, desktops and mobile devices.


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