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Demonstrating innovation and business growth, a leading provider of visual communications delivers six business solutions to the market in six months

06/08/15 — RMG Networks Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: RMGN), or RMG Networks™, a leading provider of technology-driven visual communications, announces it successfully completed its Six in Six Initiative, a plan to bring six business solutions to the market in six months. This initiative recognizes the company’s drive to provide state-of-the-art intelligent visual technology to improve company operations. 

The solutions include the following:

Office Hoteling, a system designed for employees to reserve workspaces on an as-needed basis to create a more flexible and cost-effective office space. Powered by RMG’s Enterprise Server platform and integrated with Microsoft® Exchange room scheduling information, the Office Hoteling Reservation System is easy and intuitive to use. Employees see a bird’s-eye view of workspaces that are immediately available and can quickly select and reserve their area, or find locations of onsite employees. The solution offers substantial savings in real estate costs while increasing workplace productivity.

Line Production Improvement, an innovative solution allowing manufacturers to visualize and react to critical data and optimize performance by improving the flow of information throughout the production line. This supply chain solution provides a real-time data feed that delivers awareness levels and alerts of current production statistics across multiple channels including large scoreboards, desktop dashboards and mobile devices to monitor and address issues before they escalate.

Labor Productivity Improvement, a business solution designed to improve efficiency for supply chain warehouses and distribution centers. This solution has capabilities to instantly transmit real-time metrics (e.g., picking and packing rates by team or individual rankings; actual performance versus goal performance) via “scoreboards” on large displays and desktop dashboards. It enables employees on the manufacturing or warehouse floor to see how they are performing against goals and adjust their behavior to maximize productivity.

Corporate Communications Dashboard, an employee engagement solution for companies to quickly communicate company messages directly in real time, offering a way to reach all employees company-wide. The dashboard provides a dynamic internal communication solution with automated updates that can be customized by department or individual to provide the most important information they need to connect and take appropriate action. It delivers informational and educational messages such as internal brand awareness, safety notices and alerts, HR messages, employee recognition and performance metrics.

Agent Productivity Scoreboard, a performance management tool that delivers real-time data to user desktops to facilitate greater business impact among contact center agents and managers. The solution aggregates multiple data sources and manipulates the data into coherent, impactful visual information displayed in real time. By displaying centrally managed content to agent PCs, the scoreboard provides easy access to the critical metrics call center personnel monitor to improve productivity and drive down costs.  

Visual Team Management, a business solution designed to provide organizations with an effective way to communicate work schedules and team assignments. The solution offers the ability to remotely manage updates in real time and broadcast scheduling information to multiple displays throughout a facility and across an enterprise. This highly efficient crew scheduling solution includes an easy-to-use website to input scheduling data from any location and broadcast directly to any network screen for increased efficiency, higher productivity and lower turnover.   

“At RMG Networks, we are committed to providing the cutting edge technology companies need to improve operational efficiency. With our solutions being utilized in numerous industries, we are helping to streamline corporate processes, leading to increases in productivity and performance,” said Robert Michelson, Chief Executive Officer and President of RMG Networks. “From contact centers and corporate offices to distribution centers and warehouses, our intelligent software is delivering critical industry-leading solutions for businesses.”

For additional information, visit: http://www.rmgnetworks.com/

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