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DALLAS, TX  — 04/16/14 — RMG NETWORKS (NASDAQ: RMGN) Customers with RMG Networks deployments are not vulnerable to the Heartbleed virus. The virus takes advantage of OpenSSL commonly used on Linux Operating Systems for providing encryption functionality. Since RMG Networks software does not run on Linux and does not use OpenSSL to communicate, our customers will not be affected.

All RMG Networks software is built to run on Windows Operating Systems that use Microsoft’s proprietary Secure Socket Layer (SSL) component called Microsoft Secure Channel (SChannel). This component is included in the Windows Server along with the Windows Embedded family of products (ie: Windows Embedded: WE7, XPe). When RMG Networks Enterprise Server communicates with its media players or control application, it does not use OpenSSL certificates and thus is not susceptible to the Heartbleed vulnerability.

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