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08/4/2015 — RMG Networks Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: RMGN), or RMG Networks, a leading provider of technology-driven visual communications solutions, announces its participation in the upcoming North American Supply Chain Executive Summit 15 (NASCES) in Chicago, Illinois, September 14-15. 

The North American Supply Chain Executives Summit brings together a “who’s who” of industry experts, service and solution providers, and media partners from across North America. The goal of the two-day event is to network, benchmark, share, and learn real-world solutions to universal challenges faced daily by supply chain management professionals.

RMG expert Kerwin Everson, Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions, will exhibit the latest in supply chain visualization tools, including RMG’s new Labor Productivity Improvement and Line Production Improvement business solutions, designed to improve supply chain efficiency up to 20% for distribution centers.

RMG’s supply chain solution allows managers to instantly transmit real-time key performance indicator metrics (KPIs) on large display “scoreboards” and desktop dashboards to employees on the manufacturing or warehouse floor, enabling them to better make informed decisions that immediately impact productivity.

Contact RMG to schedule an appointment during the NASCES event or to learn more on how RMG’s dynamic real-time visual solutions maximize supply chain productivity and efficiency with proven ROI.

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