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DALLAS, TX — (Marketwired) — 11/10/16 — RMG Networks Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: RMGN), or RMG, a leading provider of technology-driven visual communications, today announced enhancements made to its industry leading Employee Communications solution, INVIEW, extending the rich functionality provided for desktop devices, to now extend to mobile devices. INVIEW Mobile, allows companies to push centrally managed KPIs, actionable real-time performance metrics, and employee communications to employee mobile devices worldwide.

RMG’s latest upgrade to INVIEW Mobile makes it a highly effective corporate communication application offering granular messaging flexibility, presenting critical information to nearly 100 percent of employees when and where they need it most.

Experience INVIEW mobile.

Considering the increasing number of businesses using wireless technology and the growing popularity of mobile technology among all age groups in the workplace, mobile applications are becoming an integral part of business operations. With the number of employees using mobile devices surging, RMG’s INVIEW™ is a perfect solution for businesses to increase operational efficiency, save time, and boost workforce productivity by pushing critical metrics and communications to desktops and mobile devices.

RMG’s previous version of INVIEW is utilized worldwide by many companies including almost 20% of the Fortune 100 companies. The Company believes that by extending the application of INVIEW to mobile devices, creates a significant revenue opportunity to sell additional licenses to current RMG INVIEW clients and to penetrate prospective customers who have not licensed INVIEW.

“With the enhanced mobile functionality in our latest platform release, INVIEW is a stronger fully integrated software solution that gives companies the ability to visualize near real-time information delivered to employees using text, data, charts, social media and video to connect the right message to the right audience with real-time interactivity,” said Robert Michelson, Chief Executive Officer and President of RMG. RMG is proudly presenting INVIEW as the next generation of internal communications with the product’s latest mobile upgrade aiming to prove more effective than traditional forms of communications. Advanced features and benefits of RMG’s INVIEW and Enterprise Server include enhanced user management and security, compatibility with popular Android and iOS devices, and full support of RMG’s industry-leading data integration capabilities that have helped companies run more efficiently for over 35 years.

“Companies today are embracing real-time data to help them understand what’s occurring right now and to immediately track and measure action. INVIEW Mobile helps companies and employees work together to quickly and successfully move business forward. With the INVIEW Mobile app, employees understand more details surrounding their company’s business while averting potential performance issues,” said Michelson.

For additional information, visit rmgnetworks.com.

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