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RMG MAX Displays


Q: What is pixel pitch and how is it related to the resolution of an LED display?

A: Pixel pitch is the distance between adjacent pixels that comprises a digital image and is determined by the distance of viewer to screen. For a MAX LED panel, pixel pitch is the distance between adjacent SMD [surface mount device] LEDs.

Q: How do I know which pixel pitch is right for me?

A: The closer viewers are to a screen, the more clearly they can perceive the distances between pixels (SMD LEDs for MAX). The more clearly viewers can perceive pixel pitch, the more broken an image appears. Therefore, the closer the viewing distance, the smaller the pixel pitch must be. Small pixel pitch is perfect for employee communications and large pixel pitch is ideal for advertising on billboards.


Q: How bright can the MAX LED display get?

A: Some outdoor MAX LED displays can achieve a brightness of 10,000 NITs, which is 43 times brighter than a standard 60-watt light bulb. For comparison, most traditional indoor LCD displays are between 300-500 NITs.


Q: Do RMG digital display signs require air conditioning?

A: No. MAX panels require no forced ventilation from cooling sources such as fans, coolants, or air conditioning due to its efficient design.

Q: Will my digital display be susceptible to weather damage?

A: All Outdoor models of MAX LED panels come standard with a “dust-tight and waterproof” IP-65 rating, which guarantees total protection against the ingress of dust and debris and even water directed from low pressure jets in any direction. Greater IP ratings are available.


Q: What sizes of digital outdoor displays does RMG offer?

A: An RMG MAX solution is comprised of LED panels that range from approximately one (1) square meter down to a few hundred square millimeters depending on use case. These panels (fixed, curved, mesh, or 90 degree) can be arranged into displays of any size or 2-D/3-D shape.

Q: Will my screens be seamless/borderless?

A: Yes, MAX screens are bezel-less, even in configurations with 90 degree turns.


Q: How is my digital outdoor display installed?

A: Different outdoor applications (fixed, curved, mesh, 90 degree) will need different mounting requirements; however, RMG’s professional services team will collaborate with you on your solution’s optimal location and will install the display completely.

Q: What if I have an area that needs a custom fit?

A: RMG can design custom panels of any shape to fit any area. Imagine your logo or product cut out of LEDs and brought to life with RMG MAX.


Q: How do I know that my display is functioning properly at all times?

A: RMG offers real-time monitoring of the MAX displays health down to a component level. RMG also provides proof-of-play reports and near real-time screen captures of media player outputs via web applications.

Q: How are messages sent to my display?

A: All content is sent to the display via RMG’s proprietary hardware and software which drive RMG MAX. The display’s content may be scheduled on the server directly through RMG’s content management software or through RMG’s online content management application which is then delivered to the display using standard network protocols.

Energy Efficiency

Q: How do MAX LED displays help conserve energy?

A: MAX panels are comprised of arrays of SMD LEDs, which are among the most energy-efficient artificial light sources available for display use. Additionally, due to its efficient design, MAX panels require no forced ventilation from cooling sources such as fans, which require more energy.

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