Visual Internal Communications

Visual Internal Communications

With today’s mobile workforce, it’s more difficult than ever to maintain clear communication and consistent company messaging. Failure to do so can drastically impact your productivity, bottom line, and ability to retain employees and maintain morale.

RMG Networks employee digital displays for consistent communications

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Recognize, reward, and train employees

Boost employee morale by recognizing team and individual achievements, and performance. Increase employee knowledge through dynamic, visually compelling product training.


One central control point for global communications

Our RMG NetworksTM, formerly Symon Communications, Visual Internal Communications solution allows you to push dynamic communications and announcements globally in seconds from a central point of control. Use digital displays to broadcast timely, graphical, relevant and engaging information to staff and visitors.

Benefits of Visual Internal Communications

There’s one serious problem every company in the world faces today: employee distraction. The downside of technology is making it hard for employees to keep their eye on the ball — and off their mobile phone, their tablet or even their Apple Watch.

Lengthy text communications available through only one medium such as a company intranet cannot rise above the information clutter. However, focused, high-impact visual communication using graphic elements and video, presented to employees through a variety of channels, enable your business to communicate effectively with the entire staff, whether it is in one building or scattered in offices around the world.

RMG internal communication systems provide your organization with the best of both worlds: high-impact, customized messaging with complete control literally at your fingertips. This not only increases employee engagement and awareness, but enables you to present a consistent message throughout the organization, which improves efficiency and supports a consistently communicated brand message and business plan.

Besides reaching your employees more effectively, a robust, visually engaging internal communication system from RMG fosters high morale. Employees place great value on transparency and engagement in their employer. When employees feel as though they are being informed, when they know at any moment how they and the organization are performing, they gain trust and are inspired to work with more focus and commitment. Companies with employees that feel engaged consistently outperform competitors in terms of revenue and profit.

Ready to discuss how a visual internal communications system from RMG can take your business to a higher level? Please contact us now — we are eager to learn more about how we can help.

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Cut through the clutter to increase your bottom line.

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High visibility for employees and visitors 

Place your digital signage where it has the most visibility for employees — in break rooms, reception areas, back rooms, manufacturing lines, desktops and mobile devices. Inform and entertain visitors with wayfinding and top news stories in lobbies and waiting areas.


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