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Peter Drucker is credited for a powerful business quote, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

I truly stand by this! Most businesses have woken up to the fact that they have the power to measure performance. However, for the people who matter that work on the ground — they are not given the right tools to measure their performance — which by Drucker’s definition means this is not being managed.

By definition, key performance indicators (KPIs) help organizations understand how well they are performing against their strategic goals. KPIs measure financial performance, operational and internal processes, sales and marketing, customer satisfaction and more.

Analyzing call center KPIs is imperative when assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of a contact center. Whilst it is clear to most managers and decision makers that they need to analyze KPIs, what is often not so clear is what KPIs to measure and track over time. More often than not, an agent has KPIs they need to achieve to receive commissions. However, not many agents understand how they are performing against their KPIs until it is too late to make a difference.

When walking into a contact center, I am often faced with large displays, namely “wallboards,” which are showing agents how many calls are holding in queue, and longest time waiting. If a contact center is really lucky this might be merged with TV.

However, these contact centers do not just take calls — they have emails, webchats and social media posts to monitor and communicate. Additionally, the agents who are supposed to be looking at the wallboards are not commissioned on number of calls taken, so why would this make them react?

The art of visualizing the right KPI is to present relevant, inclusive and actionable information.

If you want your agents to behave in a certain way, deliver the KPIs to them that matter not just to the business but to the agents. 65 percent of the population are visual learners and providing people with images is absorbed 60,000 times faster than text! (Sources: Social Science Research Network and 3M)

To make a difference, we need to visualize information and help agents make sense of what they need to do right now to make an impact.

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