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The value of any contact center comes down to two factors: Efficiency and Efficacy. Your ability to improve the former without unduly impacting the latter ultimately determines the profitability of the entire venture. Unfortunately, efficient and effective often clash. Ideal contact center solutions are those that help your operators walk the line, by defining that line and informing them of where they exist in relation to it.

Contact Center Solutions

Key Performance Indicators

Understanding the KPIs that drive successful, efficient contact centers is key to developing meaningful contact center solutions. Indicators most top contact centers agree upon include:

  • Service Level
    How well is the call center delivering upon its promises to its clients?
  • Schedule Adherence
    How well are operators managing their calls and other duties when they’re on the clock?
  • Active/Waiting Calls
    A simple live metric of how many calls are in progress and how many are still waiting.
  • Call Resolution
    What’s the rate of calls resolved by an agent and/or how many agents does it take to resolve a call?
  • Call Abandonment
    How many callers give up without connecting?
  • Average Handle Time
    How long does it take to handle a call, including admin and other secondary duties?
  • Customer Satisfaction
    How satisfied were customers with not only their issue resolution but the process to get it handled?

Self-reported customer satisfaction is key to maintaining a healthy balance of efficiency and efficacy—if satisfaction levels drop, it harms everyone involved in the interaction. Dissatisfied customers also call back eventually—eating up more time.

Of course, simply having the KPI results to review after the fact doesn’t help improve efficiency in the moment—and calling agents to task after their shift will rarely do more than lower morale. Improving training and working on strategies to address weaknesses in agent performance certainly has a role, but there are more proactive ways to utilize this information.

Turning Real-Time Data into Action

Modern contact centers demand modern solutions: You have the tools for recording the vital statistics of your business in real time. How about relaying those numbers to your operators, managers and other personnel as they work?

By utilizing digital signage in your contact center, you can deliver relevant KPIs to your contact center agents in real time, giving them the nudge they need to adapt when they’re slacking. It lacks the time-wasting, morale-busting, overly confrontational aspects of having a manager shouting about underperformance (seriously, this isn’t an ideal form of internal communications). Instead, you offer your agents live insight into their performance—the perfect solution to catalyze the training you’ve given and the goals you’ve established into heightened efficiency.

The Role of Digital Signage

Modern tools allow us unprecedented understanding of where waste and failure occur in our businesses, but understanding in hindsight doesn’t help your efficiency today. Digital signage offers multiple ways to track KPIs and deliver them to agents and managers in real time – whether on a large “scoreboard” display, on a desktop dashboard or a mobile device – reaching 100% of employees. The data can also be aggregated and displayed at the level most needed – by individual, team or department, and include alerts for when KPIs are out of range.

Invest in intelligent contact center solutions that empower your employees with real-time data, and you’re certain to a natural rise in agent performance. Learn how RMG NetworksTM Agent Productivity Scoreboard solution can improve your contact center performance. Download our solution brief or contact us today.

Agent Productivity Scoreboard Brief

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